Transport in Taiwan

Getting There

By air: Taiwan has two international airports. The first is known as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport and is located 25 miles west of Taipei. The other is in Kaohsiung. There are direct flights to Taiwan from all other Asian cities along with some further ones also. Note that you can’t fly to Taiwan from China.

By ferry: Taiwan is connected to both Japan and China via ferry.

Getting Around

By air: You can fly between all of Taiwan’s major cities, although it is more expensive than train or bus..

By train: There is a train line which goes all around the country. Train tickets are divided into four different classes so make sure to check which one you are getting before paying for it.

By bus: Taiwan’s various towns and cities are connected by two types of buses – government run buses and privately owned buses. The latter are cheaper although not as reliable.

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