Eating Out in Tasmania

While the menu and the number of restaurants may be somewhat limited in the more rural areas, what is available is of an excellent quality and will never fail to impress. In the bigger towns and villages, however, you will be spoiled for choice. From authentic Mediterranean and European restaurants to purveyors of dishes straight from the Orient, all tastes are catered for.

And, if none of the above sound like something that would tempt your tastebuds, don’t despair. There are a multitude of other international restaurants offering a vast choice choice to the ever-hungry hordes of backpackers. It is also worth remembering that many Tasmanian pubs also provide large portions of good food at a reasonable price and these menus are usually quite varied for the fussier among you. And although a unique Australian cuisine does not really exist, you should try some crocodile, kangaroo or emu while you are in the country.

Seafood is also an excellent choice while you are on the island as it is usually caught on the day it is served making it infinitely more tasty. The best places to test this theory are usually to be found around the harbours in the main towns but there are also several excellent seafood restaurants scattered throughout the state. Those along the harbours, however, offer wonderful views particularly at night and most have both indoor and outdoor seating which provides a very pleasant experience for all those of who have travelled from less desirable climates.

Finally, while many restaurants are licensed to sell alcohol, many others are not. In this case it is a BYO or bring your own alcohol establishment so it is a good idea to find out before you get there.

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