Transport in Tasmania

Getting There
While there are no direct international flights to Tasmania, there are numerous connections between all the major Australian cities and the various airports on the island. Ansett Airlines and Quantas fly to Hobart from Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. Kendell Airlines fly into King Island, Devonport, Burnie, Launceston and Hobart from Melbourne. Southern Australian Airlines fly into Launceston from Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, to Devonport and Burnie from Melbourne and into Hobart from Sydney. And, finally, Impulse Airlines fly to Hobart from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

As well as air connections, you can also reach Tasmania from the mainland by crossing Bass Strait. The Spirit of Tasmania makes three overnight return trips per week between Melbourne and Devonport and this passenger/vehicle ferry operates all year round. During summer an added option is the Devil Cat, a catamaran passenger/vehicle ferry which makes daily six-hour crossings between Melbourne and Georgetown.

Getting Around
The only public transport system in Tasmania are the island’s very own bus services, Tasmania Redline Coaches (TRC) and Tasmanian Wilderness Travel (TWT). Connecting all the major towns and villages, they are an excellent and economic way to get around the island. Services are less frequent at the weekend, however, and they are also curtailed during winter. Prices are reasonable but if you want to get the best value for money, you should invest in a Wilderness Pass which can be used on all schedules and also provides a 20% discount on most TRC services. The only drawback with the pass is that it must be used within a certain number of days – 7, 10, 14, 30- depending on which pass you decide on. Therefore, it is worth checking timetables before you make your purchase so that you can plan an itinerary which will give you the best value possible.

If you are interested in visiting some of the more remote areas of the island, however, you really need to hire a car as bus services do not extend to certain areas. If you do decide to rent a car, you will find information at any of the island’s airports or in any tourist office.

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