About UK

Although the islands collectively known as the United Kingdom or the British Isles may cover a relatively small area, around two hundred and fifty thousand square kilometres, they have a great deal to offer a visitor to any particular area. Whether you decide to opt for a stroll in the green countryside of Wales, to dance at a ceilidh in the Scottish Highlands, check out the cosmopolitan social scene in London or step across the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, you are guaranteed an enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

A leading industrial and maritime power in the nineteenth century, the UK was at the forefront of leading democratic, literary and scientific developments. This all began to go horribly wrong in the first half of the twentieth century when the country saw its strength being depleted by its involvement in two World Wars. And, in the second half it witnessed its Empire, which once covered over a quarter of the earth’s surface, being dismantled. But it also saw the rebuilding of the UK into a modern and prosperous European nation and this is the UK that you will find when you get there today. Now all you have to do is decide which part of this prosperous nation you can fit into your backpacking itinerary.

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