About Vietnam

Bordering with China, Laos and Cambodia, Vietnam has become one of South-East Asia’s number one destinations with backpackers over the last decade. Both countries’ landscapes are very similar but Vietnam hasn’t become as commercialised as Thailand yet, meaning less crowds and more relaxation.

Officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the country has a population of over 74 million people. Vietnamese make up 85% of the population with Chinese, Cambodian and other Asian people making up the rest. There are approximately 50 Vietnamese minority groups living in the highlands which include Muong, Sedong and Tai.

Family life is very important to Vietnamese, and once you understand this you will understand their culture more. Finding three generations from the one family all under the one roof is quite common.

The majority of the country’s population live around the two main delta’s – the Red and the Mekong. Both are among the best rice growing regions in the world, which incidentally plays a major part in the country’s economy

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