Eating Out in Vietnam

The phrase ‘spoiled for choice’ really plays it part in Vietnam when it comes to eating as there over 500 native dishes. As you would expect with a country with some of the biggest rice growing regions in the world, the vast majority of meals includes the white fluffy ingredient.

While many of the country’s traditional dishes are very similar to other Asian countries’ cuisines, Vietnamese food is that little bit different in that a lot of food is boiled or steamed as opposed to fried. There aren't as may spices either, in many instances. Due to both deltas, seafood and fish also feature prominently in many meals.

If you are on a tight budget, food served in what are known as ‘street kitchens’ are the best value. These consist of both street stalls and outdoor restaurants. Restaurants are more expensive, but still excellent value when compared main courses in Western countries.

The best range of eateries can be found in the bigger towns and cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. If your taste buds can’t take any more spices, you should be able to find European and Mediterranean restaurants in these cities.

If you haven’t had enough spices and want to indulge in some national treats you could try one of the country's best known meals Cha Gio (spring rolls). To try some of the more unusual delicacies try Jellyfish Salad for starter and possibly some Tai Heo Ngam Chua (pickled pigs’ ear) for main course.

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