Things To See in Vietnam

A good place to start your holiday in Vietnam is at one of the country’s two deltas. The Red River Delta in the north is at the country’s second largest river after the Mekong in the south. It originates in Yunnan, a mountainous region in the south of China and finally dies in Ha Long Bay. This bay in itself is a reason to visit North Vietnam with over 3,000 isles, inlets and reefs. The name Ha Long means site of the Descending Dragon – according to legend a dragon descended there to tame the currents. It was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

The country’s other delta is at the Mekong River, the country’s biggest in the south of the country. One fifth of the country’s population lives here in the nine provinces it is divided into. Floating markets, stilt houses and rice paddies can all be seen in this part of the country.

Vietnam isn’t all cultivated land and river deltas. There are three cities full of hustle and bustle. Hanoi in the northern region is quiet even though it is the country’s capital. Some of the architecture in the country's premier city dates as far back as the eleventh century. Ho Chi Minh (still widely known as Saigon) on the other hand is a lot busier fuses old and new traditions.

If you go to Vietnam to relax on beaches, you won’t be wasting your time as there are numerous places on the east coast which are perfect for lazing in the sun. Resorts range from the extremely popular with Nha Trang to the quieter beaches such as Non Nuoc near Danang.

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