About Wales

Just 50 miles from east to west and 160 miles from north to south, Wales is the smallest of the three countries which makes up Great Britain. With a total population of around 2.9 million, about 60% of this can be found in the south east corner. 300,000 of them can be found in Cardiff, the Welsh capital and largest city, while Swansea, Wales’ second largest city, has a population of 190,000 people.

Officially a bilingual nation, around a quarter of the population speaks Welsh, making it the strongest survivor of all the Celtic languages. The most predominant area where it is spoken is in the northern and eastern areas of the country.

While Wales is small in size, it is big in personality and you are sure to get a warm welcome no matter where you end up to make a trip there a memorable one – rugged hills and wild landscapes overflowing with natural beauty, breathtaking ruins, in contrast to its vibrant towns and cities, offering a truly cosmopolitan feel. And if you like the great outdoors it is Britain’s sports and activity capital offering everything from mountain biking and surfing to exhilarating adventure sports.

As it is one of Europe’s smaller countries (it's about half the size of the Netherlands) it is extremely easy to travel around and is becoming more and more popular with backpackers travelling around Great Britain.

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