City Tour of Switzerland Switzerland

City Tour of Switzerland

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Home to some of the highest mountains, deepest lakes, and greenest pastures on the continent, Switzerland is one of the most picturesque destinations you will ever visit. For the purpose of this trip, however, we have homed in on four of its major cities which serve as gateways to all this remarkable country has to offer.

Day 1  - Kicking off...

Home ot the European branch of the United Nations, the third largest city in Switzerland emits truly international vibes. As well as the UN buildings, check out the view from the tower in Cathedral St. Pierre. Stroll through the old part of town which was once a medieval fortress. And, whatever else you do, don't miss the . This is an enormous fountain which shoots seven tonnes of water about 140 metres height at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour - now you see why you shouldn't leave Geneva without paying this particular attraction a visit.

Day 2  - Getting active

If you can make it to Interlaken in winter then you will be hitting the slopes sampling the excellent ski conditions and the amazing ski resort in the town. If you can't make in winter, however, don't worry about it. Despite the lack of snow, Interlaken is one of the country’s most popular locations all year round, both for its scenery and the multitude of sports and activities that visitors can enjoy while they are there. Best known for its skiing and hiking facilities, there are a number of other reasons to spend time there including the wonderful Jungfraujoch Railway but hold on to your seats and if you’re afraid of heights at all you might want to bring a paper bag or two along. Listen to the voice of experience.

Day 3  - Chilling out

Next stop Zurich. At least four daily services connect Interlaken and Zurich taking about two hours thirty minutes to complete the journey and a second class ticket will cost you about €33. There’s not a whole lot to do there but after a couple of days skiing, you probably won't be up to much anyway. So if it’s nice meals and quiet drinks you’re after, Zurich will certainly came up trumps in this respect.

Day 4  - Grand finale

The final part of this itinerary will take you to the Swiss capital, Bern. Home to the country’s government buildings, the parliament only sits four times per year so the city is not as politically orientated as many of its European counterparts. Instead it is a pretty and romantic city which houses the famous Zytglogge – a clock tower where little figurines appear at four minutes to the hour, much to the delight of the hordes of people who gather round throughout the day – as well as numerous museums and the amazing Munster Cathedral.

And there you have it – Switzerland in a nutshell!

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