The City of Angels USA

The City of Angels

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Glitz, glamour and stars galore – you can find it all in the City of Angles. Walk down Rodeo Drive or Hollywood Boulevard and you might be lucky enough to bump into one of your idols! Set aside a few days to explore the Californian capital and you may also be lucky enough to unveil a whole lot more.

Day 1  - City of dreams!

Los Angeles is the city everyone dreams about ending up in one day. This is where the stars shine at their brightest, where every second person on the street is about to make it big time and where dreams come true. That’s if you are here to break into the big time. If you aren’t don’t worry. Strolling around the streets of LA it is easy to convince yourself you are a star, even if it is for just a couple of days.

Skyscrapers shoot up into the sky like stalagmites in Downtown LA, just like all other brash American cities, but they are slightly out of place here as Los Angeles is generally a very flat city and its skyline isn’t as recognisable as New York’s or Chicago’s, but some will definitely trigger a memory from a postcard or film you may have seen in the past. One which most people recognise once their eyes set sight on it is the Library Tower at 633 West Fifth Street.

Not far from downtown LA is Hollywood, possibly the world’s most famous suburb. Walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard is great as you get to see all the stars that have been there before you. This boulevard is sprinkled with well known buildings. Mann’s Chinese Theatre is further down and this is where some of the world’s best known superstars have left their imprint in the cement.

Just two streets down from Hollywood Boulevard is Sunset Boulevard, the best place in Hollywood to plant yourself if you want to have an adventurous night! Packed with all types of haunts here from those playing live music to ones who gear themselves more towards the dance music loving fraternity.

Day 2  - Unleash the child in you

Sure, they can be tacky and overpriced, but theme parks take the child out of everyone and no matter what way you look at them can turn out to be a great day out. And Los Angeles has two of the best known ones right on their doorstep. The most popular of these is Universal Studios which is full of white-knuckle rides guaranteed to get your adrenalin pumping. LA’s other main theme park is Disneyland is obviously more for children, but no matter what age you are you feel a smile painted across your face the minute you walk through the gates.

If theme parks aren’t your thing, Los Angeles has a spate of museums all worth a visit in their own way. In Hollywood, predictably, they are mostly to do with the entertainment industry. These include the Hollywood Entertainment Museum and the Hollywood Wax Museum. While both of these are located in Hollywood, one of the city’s best museums can be found in Downtown LA. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) on S Grand Ave and its Geffen Contemporary Museum are far more enthralling.

If you find yourself in California’s capital between the months of April and October you should catch an all-American baseball game and LA’s home team are the Los Angeles Dodgers. There home ground is at Dodger Stadium. LA’s basketball team are the infamous LA Lakers who play their home games between October and June at the Staples Center while the LA Avengers are the city’s home American football team and you catch them play their games also at the Staples Center.

Day 3  - Take refuge from the city

Some people tend to forget that when in LA it isn’t all sightseeing and star spotting – one of the world’s most famous beaches, Venice Beach, is just minutes from the city centre. In a city that has so much going on it is nice to know there is somewhere to take refuge in when the thoughts of another day trying to catch a glimpse of your favourite star becomes tiresome.

The boardwalk here has to be one of the best places to people watch in the whole of America. All day long people whiz up and down on their rollerblades, others jog up and down to make sure they keep up with the rest of the city’s beautiful people, while others play basketball on the beach’s basketball courts.

The people who align boardwalk are an eclectic bunch. Artists, preachers, buskers and political activists are just some of the people you may bump into here. If you have a few spare dollars in your pocket you may even find yourself a gift for yourself in the many shops in the area.

Not far from Venice Beach is Santa Monica, the best place to let your hair down in LA away from downtown and Hollywood. All tastes are catered for here so you could find yourself in anything from a club banging out the latest house tunes to an Irish bar full of beer guzzling revellers!

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