Hostelworld.com - Better Than Ever!

Posted: 16 Sep 2005

Hostelworld.com, the original and best website for booking hostels on the web, has redesigned its site so it is now easier than ever to use. On top of that, it has added loads of new features making it even more resourceful than ever, and to celebrate we're giving away a free i-Pod Shuffle away every day (click here to enter)! New features on the latest site include:

Easier Booking Process
Booking hostels on Hostelworld has never been better:

  • Hostel microsites now have more information than ever. Using the tabs at the top of the page you can now see the hostel’s info and rates, ratings and map and directions from the one page.
  • Using the ‘Additional Search Options’ function you can now specify whether you are searching for hostels with private or dormitory accommodation, specify what facilities you are looking for, and specify the property type you are looking for.
  • The pages listing all hostels available for the dates selected now has a ‘Quick Property Comparison’ link in the top right of the page. Using this link you can see which hostels have private accommodation available, which hostels have dormitory accommodation, and which have both. You can also see all hostels’ ratings beside each other and more.
  • Every customer who books their hostel through Hostelworld.com gets a text confirmation sent to their mobile for free.

    Free Pocket Guides
    Our free downloadable pocket guides are:

  • Available for London, Rome, Paris, New York, Sydney and more
  • Packed with information about cheap (but good!) places to eat, the best places to go out and more.
  • More resourceful than any other free guides on the web because they have insider 'budget tips' you won't find on other guides.

    Improved InfoZone Section
    In the site’s new InfoZone section you can:

  • Keep up to date with the latest Hostelworld.com news – find out what is the latest free pocket guide available, find out what events around the world Hostelworld are sponsoring and more.
  • Read travel articles in the new ‘Travel Features’ section. This part of the site is packed with interesting articles about everything from our weirdest hostels to other hostels listed on Hostelworld.com where you can learn something during your stay!
  • Take tips from our updated ‘Travel Tips’ and ‘Working Abroad’ pages.

    New ‘Community’ Section
    The ‘Community’ section is a new part of Hostelworld.com where you share your travel experiences with other like-minded travellers:

  • If you think you know a destination well enough you can become a ‘Travel Guru’ for that destination. Alternatively, if you are looking for advice on a destination you can ask one of our gurus (once we have a guru for that destination of course!)
  • You can now share your travel experiences with travellers around the world with our ‘Travel Diaries’ section.
  • Our new and improved message boards have been revised making them easier to use than ever.

    New ‘MyAccount’ Section
    With our new ‘MyAccount’ section you can:

  • Review all your bookings and cancel them if you need to.
  • Update your personal profile.
  • Download customised pocket guides.
  • Plot your itinerary on our maps.

    New ‘Points for Prizes’ Scheme
    To say thanks for using our site, we are now rewarding our customers with points which can be cashed in for prizes! Customers get points for making bookings, becoming a travel guru, writing online diaries and more.

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