Bobbi Lee Hitchon

Bobbi Lee Hitchon

29, USA
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Strike up a conversation with someone when waiting on transportation. Not only does it make the time go faster, but you never know who you're going to meet or where the relationship will lead.

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Excited to be on the road again January 22, 2010. I'm a journalist/photographer moving to Australia for a year. I have my work visa and plan to do some volunteering through WWOOF, but I will also be touring the country. I'm excited to see Melbourne, the Outback and more. But most importantly I am excited to meet more Australian people. I met a lot of Aussies on my last backpacking trip and they were all great people with a zest for life and travel. It's been about three years since my last big trip. I studied in London from Jan.-Jun. of 2007. During that time I went on small trips around Europe, then in June I backpacked throughout the continent until August 07 when I returned home to finish college. I graduated last year and worked for a local newspaper for a few months saving up money. It's always been my dream to be a travel writer, so I am going to document my trip on www.heelsonwheels.com. There I will write reviews, features and post a ton of photos. I would love to readers and contributions, so please check it out if you're interested. I am always looking for travel partners. Hope to see you on the road.


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