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Esther Van Noppen

Female, 35, Netherlands
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Belize & Guatemala

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I'm Esther. Planning on travelling to USA & Canada from March till June 2010.


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7th Aug 2014 08:54

ello Esther, I am newly registered on this site and I want to go to Miami next year. I see you've already stayed there. Could you give me some info about hotels or hostel. I feel that we can not go more than 15 days. Thank you for your help. Val


5th May 2013 21:42

hay van am Davie u.k. just started hostel accommodation as a form off holiday relaxations. are you a seasoned traveller, would like your experiences.


7th Feb 2013 08:17

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2nd May 2012 03:26

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23rd Feb 2011 18:30

Hello Im from Mexico..

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