James Bird

James Bird

Male, 27, Australia
Location: Adelaide
Hostels Visited: 65
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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” Mark Twain

About me

In November 2011, a charming, charismatic, funny and handsome Service Deli Manager from Adelaide, South Australia, gave up his highly skilled occupation to travel the world. With absolutely no plans, bookings or understanding of even basic world geography, yet with big dreams and great faith in his travel agent-extraordinaire, he spent the next two months planning the trip of a lifetime. Flying into India, this brave young man will travel overland through Nepal, China, Mongolia and Russia, followed by five months getting to know the highways and hostels all the way from Stockholm to Santorini. Eight weeks in Africa, three weeks in North America, a casual jaunt to the islands of Central America, and six weeks in South America will ensure not only a memorable adventure, but will undoubtedly test the human body's ability to acclimatise to different countries, cultures, and cuisines, and no doubt test the limits of the newly acquired Travel Insurance Policy! Jump on board the journey, and follow his blog, 'From Smiley Fritz to Santiago... A year in the life of an escaped Deli Manager'!!! www.jamesbird2012.blogspot.com


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