Ian Hiett

Ian Hiett

Male, 29, England
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
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Try to learn as much of the local language as you can before traveling. Your ability to communicate will heighten the cultural experience!

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I'm an adventurer who loves to travel, see the sights of the world, learn the languages and embrace the cultures! I grew up in Alaska, where any given day could warrant an adventure. By nationality I am British and American. For years I have studied foreign language and love to communicate with people of all cultures. My mother tongue is English, but I am proficient in Russian, can communicate in Spanish, have just begun to learn Icelandic and know bits and pieces of many others.


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11th Sep 2009 04:39

I see youve been to iceland... any advice?


13th Jan 2009 21:29

Hey Ian! The hostel you asked about is a decent distance outside of the town of Certaldo which is itself about an hour by train outside of Florence. The city is more a traditional Italian village than a touristy city. For food we would have to walk a little bit into town but it wasn\'t too bad. As for stuff to do there is an awesome castle about two miles away that you reach through a scenic walk. We took the train to Scienia for a day trip but the same train goes to pisa so it is easy to take a day trip there. After 3 days in Certaldo we took the train to Florence and stayed at a hostel there to do all the stuff in Florence. The hostel in Certaldo was a great place to catch our breath and relax but don\'t expect an abundance of tourist attractions in the immediate area. It is a great place to take in the Tuscan countryside with some wine tho!


13th Jan 2009 16:02

Hi Ian and Happy New Travel Year! nice to hear from you too. I haven\'t been active at all on this site myself and yes I\'m on Facebook, even though I\'m not particularly active there either. you can find me easily by my name (as I\'m the only one in the world :P) Thorhildur Isberg. I see you\'ve moved to Houston - any other travels planned? I\'d like to keep in touch, Thori P.S: the rabbit eyes, the blue donkey and the honeybees have all been erased of my wall, thanks for asking ;)


29th Sep 2008 02:17

man, hows your trip going? (or..is it over????)

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