Jacqueline Scott

Jacqueline Scott

Female, 33, Scotland
Location: Sydney
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I love to live life to the full meeting new people of all backgrounds & cultures.I travel as much as i can,looking for travel buddies to vist places i havnt been to. Now living in Australia!


Album: Los Angeles 08

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27th Aug 2009 04:07

Have a good trip !! And what a trip ! :) Take care & Enjoy ;)


19th Feb 2009 17:52

I\'m a surgical assistant and I\'m thinking about moving into plastic and reconstructive surgery at the moment. But as I said used to live in Corstorphine for a while. I love Edinburgh, it\'s my second home. Haven\'t been back in 2 years and the people I used to go to school with have moved to other countries again. Went to Basil Paterson. So what do you do?


18th Feb 2009 12:54

Hey was hoping to meet new people from Edinburgh now that I\'ll be coming back home more often. I used to live in Corstorphine but moved back to Holland. Will be in town in just over a week to see the Scotland v Italy game.


2nd Jan 2009 23:53

Been off sick from boxing day with flu going around but had a good one hope you did too.Enjoy morrocco see you on your return.


24th Dec 2008 01:05

what have you been doing with yourself.Am off coz i worked last xmas just want to chill been working too much thats why i requested and managed to get all this off am working new year.When you coming to see me?

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