Jason Thorburn

Jason Thorburn

Male, 38, Canada
Location: Vancouver
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Wear flipflops in the showers - you never know what down there

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I'm on a 4 year backpacking trip across Oceania, SE Asia, Africa and E&W Europe which began in 2010. I'm currently into my 2nd year of travel.________ My reviews on accommodation are based on factual information and my experience during my stay. I do my best to keep subjective matter to a minimum.________ I pride myself on giving the next traveller information they can use to decide to book or not.________ To accommodation managers: If you are going to respond to a low rating, at least try to advocate your position with evidence. Do not simply negate what I have said. Take the opportunity provided to improve your businesses.________ Also, if you have received numerous low ratings in for example cleanliness. Do not comment to say your staff clean daily. Trending ratings are an indication that you are not being honest.


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31st Jul 2013 14:55

Hi Jason, I have seen your review on the Sayang Maha Mertha Hotel, Kuta, Indonesia. Please can you tell me where you stayed after. The place you said was much better. I am arriving around 1am, am on my own so don't fancy hunting around for a hostel/hotel at that time so if I have a place of where to head to that would be very helpful. Thanks Kylie

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