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I want to visit very single country in the world


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3rd Feb 2010 18:05

Here you go mate: afink018@planet.nl I\'d definitely recommend it. Also looks like you\'re going to Belgium, definitely try to see other parets, definitely Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp at least, they do a traveller card for 50 euros at the train station that lets you travel pretty much unlimited anywhere in Belgium, just be sure to fill in your departure station and destination station before you get on the train cos they check sometimes.


22nd Oct 2009 20:59

Kiev Lodging Hostel ... i want to go there ...uwat u think ...wat u advice me...


14th Aug 2009 13:29

Hi, to be honest compared to some of the horror stories about the place/owner mine was nothing! I cancelled a booking because of some very strange emails the owner was sending out regarding the feud he\'s started with a rival owner, (he tracked me down on Facebook to tell me!) I then accidentally booked in for a night in his other hostel! The guy in charge (Robert) has a seriously hostile attitude and has a built a reputation for shouting at guests, at his other hostel he\'s thrown people out for complaining about his linen charges (same price as the accomodation - per night!) I didn\'t get shouted at by him myself, he just ignored me when I tried to speak to him, his wife (?) screeched at me though because I crossed some kind of imaginary line while still wearing shoes! What happened with you?

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