Emma Hughes

Emma Hughes

Female, 23, England
Location: Lyminge
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21st Oct 2015 07:10

Hello Emma, I'm Claud from London and would like to add you if you don't mind please? Regards Claud


10th Jun 2015 01:56

Hello Emma!! Are you going to Foz do Iguaçu in this week?


27th Feb 2015 01:01

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14th Feb 2014 15:22

Hello Emma I´m Claudio from Chile and i always use hostelworld.com for my trips. I would like to share experience with you. If you want to come to Chile or South America, i can help you. I have been in Uruguay and Argentina. My e-mail is: acll76@hotmail.com. Best Regards!!

17th Dec 2013 19:12

hello Emma!! are you going to Dublin in january?

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