Mikael Andersén

Mikael Andersén

Male, 30, Sweden
Location: Stockholm
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Be prapared to wing it! The things you don't expect are the things that afterwards are worth telling! And, when U've seen one Cathedral U've pretty much seen 'em all..! :P

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Young philosophy major who loves to travel, and tries to be on the road atleast 1month/year. Interests, apart from traveling, include: Art, Diving, Ultimate Frisbee, Readin' n' lotsa other stuff


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29th Jan 2013 13:48

hey thank you for your comment about maa vishnu guest house. that was my mate who died. they were horrible they way they treated us. you want to know the extent of it. they are trying to claim money off his dad about hospital charges I paid on the day saying they paid.


20th Feb 2009 06:12

hey we are going to hove festival and then traveling to sweeden any good places to go out in stockholm? plays altertative /indie/electro music? and has nice people! thanks


2nd Apr 2008 06:03

hi, I\'m gonna travel to Norway to know the fjords in geiranger and flam and after I go to stockholm. have you ever gonne there?


29th Jun 2007 23:07

Hi from Brazil, friend!

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