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Rodrigo González

Male, 33, Mexico
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Student of History, scriptwriter and promeneur solitaire... Movie fan, of the comics, of Anne Rice, of the history of the art, of the theatre, carried away of the Rome of Pompeyo, of the republican greatness and of the modern antiheroes like Napoleon Bonaparte and Antonio Lopez of Santa Anna altough I do not conceive to the politics in liberal or conservative terms, terms that disgust me so much as I despise the politicians. I conceive her as a natural condition of the man capable of doing a social contract with other individuals for the good of all (to Rousseau for the understood ones) this way to avoid the corruption, the oligarchies and these fallacious nacionalisms. I love to travel, read books and graphic novels, watch films and enjoy a good play of theatre. Right now I'm studying History who is my second carrer (first was cinema)


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