Sari Peltonen

Sari Peltonen

Female, 28, Finland
Location: Tampere
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I'm a cheerful med student from Finland, who loves to have fun while travelling around the world and meeting new friends! :) Listening to good music always makes me happy, and in the right mood and company I might even sing a little karaoke... ;)


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4th Jul 2009 13:05

Thank you so much for the information! You\'ve definitely given me alot of options for my planning. Can\'t wait :)


26th Jun 2009 03:34

Hey Sari^^, How\'s it going? :) I have plans to visit Stockholm/Sweden soon and I have no idea what to expect. I also booked the same hostel that you went to when you were there. So if you don\'t mind.... A couple of questions for you: 1. How\'s the hostel? 2. What would you recommend to do / see in Sweden? 3. I\'m planning two weeks but maybe thats too much time in Sweden alone. Maybe I should visit neighbouring countries such as Norway or Finland? What do you think? Thanks! Shai

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