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Alexia Colin

Female, 35, France
Location: Ulm Germany
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9th Aug 2015 11:39

Bonjour , je voyage a stockholm le 14 aout, je ne sais pas si tu y seras. ce serait bien qu'on se rencontre et qu'on fasse des sorties ensemble. je m'appelle stéphanie, j'ai 33 ans, je suis française.


6th May 2015 16:13

Hello All, I am doing a bit of travelling on my own at the start of June. I am going from London to Belgium and then onto Amsterdam. I would like to get the chance to meet new people so if you're around London the same time as me and you would like to hang out, send me an e-mail on colmbrosnan8@gmail.com. I have never been to London before, so i don't know what to expect.


6th Feb 2015 15:25

Going to athens? Which dates?


15th Oct 2014 18:33

hey, i thought to give this thing a go :) are you in munich/muechen, are you interested in going around sightseeing? i am staying at the4you hostel Kiel


13th May 2013 21:42

going to marrakesh?

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