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Chi Man Chan

Male, 85, Hong Kong
Location: HKG
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1) If you don't have enought time, you need a good planning, but still bear in mind that plan wold change if you hit something interesting on the road. So you should have contingency plan. If you have lots of time, then you don't need to be worr

About me

I love traveling and meeting people around the world. I live in a busy city, Hong Kong, and have a busy job. But I still try catching chances to go somewhere each year. I haven't been to many places (less than 20 countries) cos the availability of time (you can't believe it, I only have 11 days annual leave), but I have a list of places want to go or go back again. Sometime, I like travel alone while sometime I like to go with buddy. I like sightseeing, outdoors activities, clubbing, enjoying nice beaches My email address is marco_soft@hotmail.com


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