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Chad Lindsey

Male, 33, USA
Location: Texas
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This section is concise and contains action words, and should sell my most marketable experiences... accomplishments are as follows... *Nursery thru Pre-k---Mastered use of blocks, played well with some. *K thru 8th grade---Achieved full course of immunizations. *9th thru 12th grade--Graduated Valedictorian and Salutatorian, with honors. Also received dueling scar. *Post graduation honors--- Pulitzer Prize – First runner up-- - Nobel Prize – missed plane to Stockholm – could have won, don’t know * University Graduate- Magna cum Laude, Suma cum Laude, and bout it bout it. .... *Also, I can hum in 6 different languages. (Note to the reader: I include this confessional information about my qualifications for 2 reasons. [1] Now that I am a member of hostelworld, I'm sure we can all laugh at what was at the time a gross misrepresentation of my abilities. HA-HA. [2] I would like you to judge this profile in the context of my actual life-experience and not what I told you was my experience. To recap: I have no experience.) I am the most highly overated person to ever come out of my mother. I got the love and the chops. My clothes look really good and so does my face. I have a lot of honor(like in the way asians have it). Most people just think I'm some super rich hottie who knows how to do everything in a really bad ass way. But I'm more than that. I'm also sexy penis. Above all else I'm humble. Then sexy penis. Activities: When I'm not excessively bathing, shopping for the latest in expensive designer shirts, working overtime at the office, eating at the finest 6-star restaurants, pushing my prada edition hummer to da club, volunteer crime-fighting (against the wars on drugs and terrorism especially), singing choir at inner city baptist churches, benchin 500 while watching the big game, donating money to feminist causes, and pissing on my mom's dog, I can be found making paramount decisions on a whim. Interests: Painting the way you make me feel. Winter squash. Preventing my mom from having more plastic surgery...In the same manner as above, I would like to describe more of my interests. I will be concise and remove all unnecessary words and/or phrases, including the specific results of my actions or decisions to demonstrate my contributions. Thank you.


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