Matthew Monnastes

Matthew Monnastes

Male, 29, USA
Location: Spokane
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I am a student at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wa. I am travelling and studying this next year and can't wait for the crazy adventures to come.


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20th Nov 2014 10:28

Compliments . my name is Haya, am a single girl, i was attracted to your profile at hostelworld and decide to write you because i like making new friends, i will appreciate you write me ( hayafai@ hotm ail .co m ) so that i can tell you all about me and a picture if you write me, i wait for your reply. Haya . write me ( hayafai@hotmail.com )


16th Aug 2009 21:42

Hello there, I got a big problem with this website and somehow nobody replies on my emails :( I would be really happy if you could help me... The problem is, that I booked a hostel three days ago... I also added the \"Cancellation Protection\" And if I now go to the point of \"My Bookings\" there are three main head lines listed. First: \"My Future Bookings\" Second: \"My Past Booking\" Third: \"My Cancelled Bookings\" And MY booking is listed under the point of \"My Cancelled Booking\". And that is kind of strange, because I received a confirmation email of my booking. And until now, I haven\'t received any email about a cancellation. Well, but if I click on my booking a new site opens with the headline \"Booking Confirmation\"... And under that there is written with a red background that \"This booking has been cancelled\". What does it mean? Means it, that I have no accommodation anymore??? But if so, why haven\'t I received an email about this matter yet? And the most confusing thing is that if I use the German version of \"hostelworld.com, it says nothing about a cancellation. In my German profile everything is fine. Please help me ... is that normal? Do I have to worry? Hope to hear from you in the very near future... Kind regards Kevin


12th Aug 2009 07:50

Hi there...We have a flat in Camps Bay,Cape Town,South-Africa that we would like to rent out for the soccer world cup next year. If you are interrested or know anybody thats a big fan and still looking for accomodation please let me know!thanx

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