Sukhbir Kandola

Sukhbir Kandola

Female, 43, British Virgin Islands
Location: Nottingham
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Hi, when i'm not teaching i try and see as much of the world as i can - usually with my son. It would be good to travel and meet with like minded adults. Hostelworld is really useful and a reassurring site to use. Thankyou.


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5th Aug 2007 11:40

hola,como estas?


19th Jul 2007 04:47

oh i have facebook as well if you do :) would like to here how you go in moroc :)


19th Jul 2007 04:46

not too long till morocco now!! are you taking your son as well? he\'s lucky he gets to go travelling :) i\'m pregnant at the moment so im making a list of places where i haven\'t been that are safe enough to take kids to!!


17th Jul 2007 23:30

hey... feel free to add me if you have facebook or MSN... I\'m at jammiecole@hotmail.com


16th Jul 2007 19:30

Hey Sukhbir, Sorry, but only just got your message from weeks ago... How are you? Are you on your way to Marrakech or already been? If you\'re staying for long enough I\'d really recommend a trip to Essaouira... and over to Merzouga... Such a beautiful country! Can I come with you?!?!?!? lol

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