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love travelling, try and get away as much as possiple. Love exploring new places and their culture


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14th Oct 2009 02:06

Hi Irishann, Thanks a lot for your tips. I was there last 2 weeks and quite impressed with everything in Egypt. The hostel owner is Mohamed. He is very very good to us. We paid for camel 200EGP for 2 hours ride. This is quite expensive I think and we doubt, how much the camel ride actually cost!? Until now never know :) But you are brave to be there alone!! I think people try to approch girls.... Anyway We had so much fun there.. Best regards from rainy Bangkok :) Su


9th Sep 2009 03:07

Hi Irishann, I found that you ever been in Hostel Borthers. I would appreciate if you could give me some information. My name is Sunanta. I am traveller from Thailand and wish to visit Egypt on12SEP and will stay in hostel brothers. Can you recommend me if the hostel is good? And They offer us some private tours to Giza 50EGP, to Alexandria 100EGP per person. Do they tell the resonable price? Hope to hear good tips from you soon. Have a nice day! Cheers Su


25th Nov 2008 16:05

hey again! How is Ireland? lol. Same as England i suppose, i forgot how cold it is here! Anyway, my addy is kay_passmore@hotmail.com I have msn and facebook. See you soon, Kayleigh x


5th Nov 2008 21:03

I see, im heading to Cairo on the 10th.... wandering around the country, and then getting back to Cairo on the 23rd to fly home on the 24th


22nd Oct 2008 22:13

Hey, how long you planning to be in Egypt for? Where are you going after Hostel Brothers? x

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