Laura Simmons

Laura Simmons

Female, 27, England
Location: Norwich
Hostels Visited: 15
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About me

*my favourite things to do are to going to gigs, hanging with my friends, hugging strangers, listening to music, playing bass, dancing like nobody's watching, going into London, daydreaming, playing with fire, watching old films, partying, sleeping, all things circus related. *my life ambitions are (some more serious than others haha) : to live abroad (haha done it!), travel, learn spainish, italian, portugese and french, qualify as a speech and language therapist and to get married in Las Vegas. so if you think you'd like to join me in any of those things please get back to me. im always on the look out for a fun travel buddy who wants to marry me in the cheesiest wedding of all time! if you look like jesus/a hippy then that is an absolute bonus! *i love meeting new people providing they're friendly, open minded, not patronising and give good hugs!


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