Michalis Zervos

Michalis Zervos

Male, 28, Greece
Location: Papagos
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30th Apr 2007 04:04

Sorry forgot to mention in my previous message, that if you can recommend places for sightseeing, shopping and nightlife - That would be great. Thanks


30th Apr 2007 04:00

Hi Mike, How are ya? Thanks for your reply. I\'ll be staying in Athens for a week. I\'m planning to see the Pathenon and the Acropolis. I\'ll be going on a Contiki Island Hopping tour in the second week. I\'ll be visiting Sanotrini, Ios and Mykinos. Are there any other places around Athens worth visiting? Thanks again for your help, Michael.


29th Apr 2007 12:33

Hi Michail. My name is Michael and I\'m from Melbourne-Australia. I\'m going to Athens at the end of May. Can you recommend some places I could visit in Athens. Thanks.

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