Natasha Coutinho

Natasha Coutinho

Female, 30, Brazil
Location: Rio de Janeiro
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21st Oct 2015 07:51

Hello Natasha, I'm Claud from London and would love to add you if you don't mind please? Regards Claud


23rd Aug 2011 08:18

u write me email blntkp@hotmail.com


13th Jul 2011 13:27

they say we'll be in ibiza same time and to say hello - HELLO!


16th Jun 2011 04:21

Hello, Natasha, how are you? I´ve just booked one bed at this hostel in Glasgow and you appeared as one of the (apparentely few, i check the availability and it´s quite empty) people that will be staying there in the same time. I hope we could meet each other there, it would be funny. Have a nice trip!


23rd Apr 2011 08:53

hey natasha i see you will be going to vienna to Wombats City Hostel at same time as me! how long will you be staying there in vienna? Iva

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