Nicolas Grasland

Nicolas Grasland

Male, 36, France
Location: Galway, Ireland
Hostels Visited: 109
Reviews Added: 76

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Destinations visited: 25

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I'm Nicolas, French, working in Ireland


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29th Aug 2008 17:35

What do you do for a living?


29th Apr 2008 03:33

I\'m traveling this summer around Europe, I\'ve been to Ireland, but not to Galway, what do you think of it? Should i add it into my trip?


29th Nov 2007 07:24

I loved Galway when i visited Ireland- so awesome that you are living and working there...have you been to Kilkenny, Ireland- im going soon ...

22nd Aug 2007 15:40

hey im looking for some ppl who can help me \"survive\" in india need just a couple of tips if u could get in touch with me ill be very gratefull carol_seoul@yahoo.com


29th Jul 2007 11:04

JUST WANNA SAY HI AND BE YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE I THINK YOU ARE A GOOD GUY, OK SENT ME EMAIL, KEEP IN TOUCH. Hope someday i can visit your country and meet you there.

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