Yong Ping Oh

Yong Ping Oh

Male, 34, Malaysia
Location: Malaysia
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A travel maniac who wish to travel around the world. Well, yeah, now in the progress to achieve it =) Currently at Bahrain, Middle East =)


Album: Jordan

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15th Nov 2008 21:36

hi i am caeser nice to meet u.i see ur travel pictures. which is very interesting. so u already been such many country.which destination that u like it so much. which part of malaysia do u come from? i am from penang.anyway nice to meet u.so currently where u been now? hope to hear from u.


28th Oct 2008 16:23

Hello : D I haven\'t been here for a while.. : ) But now I\'m planning trip to Italy so I remembered this web site.. Where are u now ? Ouh, and the german trip went just great ! Me and my friend had soo fun there ! We dodn\'t have any problems and Bremen was beautiful city, I like it a lot !


9th Jul 2008 11:52

Sorry, i haven\'t been here for a while.. But yes, I was in Rome, it was beautiful. But there was too hot and too many tourists at the moment :D I\'m going to german this month. Do u have any travel plans ??


10th Apr 2008 17:10

nice to meet you too...


25th Mar 2008 05:54

hi would you like to visit alleppey, kerala, india .....please visit www.istay.in

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