Elisa Saemi Kawana

Elisa Saemi Kawana

Female, 32, Brazil
Location: brazil
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6th Aug 2008 20:20

Ciao, How are you and how is your summer going? I see you have been to Italia... What cities did you travelled to? Grazie! Ciao bella!


15th Mar 2008 13:32

Hi Elisa, Just replying to your message. I am visiting Brasil next month (April) and I am going to Foz do Iguacu, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Where abouts are you? Can I buy you a capirinha? :)~


26th Feb 2008 14:07

Thanks Saemmi for your message. Hey I just got my visa for Brazil today, so I cant wait to get there! Should be good fun :)


26th Feb 2008 12:58

Hi..elisa.how are you? I am planning to go to Rome, how is the Freestyle Hostel there? Is it good place with good location, nice people around. Im from India. Any more tips for traveling to Rome and nearby places are welcome!!!


26th Feb 2008 09:38

Hi, Yes I had been to Budapest lots of time. Keep in touch. Bye;)

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