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8th Jan 2014 19:14

Hello, you posted a comment on the İstanbul Harmony Hostel. I kindly would like to inform you that this hostel which you liked is not accepting guests from Turkey . They did not want to provide me a place because i am a turkish guy. Afterwards i called him and talked to him in english. And what happened ? They invited me to their hostel. Suddenly I started to go on in turkish and i asked them why they do not want to provide me a place if I ask them in turkish. The owner of this hostel answered to me that turkish guests are without behaviour and it is not worth to accept turkish guests. He is commenting that more than 80 % of turks are terrible and 98% of all foreign people as germans or US citizens are OK and are allowed to be his guests. Please be informed that the owner of the Istanbul Harmony Hostel is a racist.

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