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Male, 55, Canada
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16th May 2007 15:55

Hi Terry! Sorry for the late answer but I was comin\' back from England... into the world of work...:) I learned english in my primary and secondary school. After that the rest just came from everywhere. :) I know it\'s not the best.:) Why did you ask it?


15th May 2007 23:49

Nuremburg is definately worth the visit, if you like histroy, it is of course a big tourist kind of city so if your willing to take a short train ride the city of Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber. It a walled in city and the only city in germeny that was not reconstructed post WWII it on the romantic road and quiet, not well known, a beautiful city and also definately worth the extra travel.


14th May 2007 23:42

Hi Terry, Budapest is a fantastic city, so peaceful, so relaxing. The Turkish Baths at Hero\'s Square are definately worth a look, especially if you and your wife are looking for some relaxking time together, its perfect and its amazing how good you fell afterwards. The castle and parliment are worth a visit too, amazing history there. But in all honesty there is really nothing that not worht seeing in this city. I spent five days there and i could ahve stayed longer. Trust me you will not be dissappointed wherever you go


13th May 2007 09:50

Hi Terry! It\'s nice to hear that you\'ll visit my city. I\'m sure You\'ll enjoy your staying. There are many thing in Budapest, for example the Parliament (at Kossuth square) and the Fisherman Bastion (Halaszbastya in hungarian). An other good place is the Heroes square (Hosok tere) which is wonderful in the evening. There are many other place, so if you like to have more information, please contact me here or on my email (p8r@mac.com). One important thing: be careful with the taxis. Always use a company taxi (Radiotaxi / 3 77 77 77 or City Taxi / 2 11 11 11) and never use a private taxi. How long will you stay in Budapest? Yours, Peter

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