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Known as the 'Venice of the North', Amsterdam is a city built on a cobweb of canals that boasts one of the most picturesque settings in the world. Sometimes known for all the wrong reasons, there is much more to the Dutch capital than hookers and hash. It boasts world-class museums, great architecture and a buzzing nightlife making it the perfect city for a few days break. Find out the best restaurants, bars and more in our free pocket guide.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what the Dutch put on top of their French fries, and where to go for Dutch cuisine and more.
  • Don't Miss The best museums, the best canal trip and more.
  • Budget Tips When you can catch free concerts in the Dutch capital.
  • A Day in Amsterdam... We give you our ideal day in the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam City Reviews

  • 80%


    No Big Attractions, but Still Fun

    I don't really have anything negative to say about Amsterdam. The one knock on it is that there isn't really anything that is "must see" such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Big Ben in London. However, if you just want a place to have a relaxing, fun weekend, Amsterdam is a great place to be. Riding bikes around the city is awesome, even if scary at some points, and chilling out in coffee shops is fun as well. There is always the Red Light District, which is a very interesting place to check out

    Insider Tip:Do one of the Sandeman's Free Walking Tours. One of the best parts of the trip.

  • 60%


    Nice city, weird mix of culture and vices.

    The city has many wonderful things to see, the Van Gogh museum and Rembrant house are fantastic and the Anne Frank house is harrowing but incredible. Sadly I found the Red Light District brings it down, it's not pleasant seeing girls bored out their brains in lingerie whilst old men gawp at them, however I understand that is why some people choose Amsterdam!

    Insider Tip:Skip the Red Light District and instead head for the lawns by the Van Gogh museum, it's the loveliest place to be when the weather is good!

  • 90%


    City of heaven

    totally awesome weather, nice friendly people , the good features of Red Light District , museums in Amsterdam , Cafes , beer bars , hash brownies , marijuana etc

  • 80%


    Great place! Will visit again

    Airport Experience: - The best (quick and swift) ; Technology at work (Self checkin - Tickets and Baggage) - Immigration - felt really welcomed In the city: - Crowded but felt always safe - Helpful localities

    Insider Tip:Essentials : Get an umbrella and a cozy jacket - I was there when it was summer :) ; got drenched Do: -Get a pass (for tram and bus) once you land -If you plan to stay in hostels (Great option - you will feel safe and they are a good); do check their reviews; felt great with 2 hostels (Bulldog and Amsterdam Hotelboat) Don't: -Avoid the airport Taxi (Expensive) - Try your luck outside for a cab; never carry you passport with you when you go to party or walk in the city

  • 70%


    High times

    Really loved our weekend away but couldn't have stayed any longer. We arrived Friday afternoon and left Monday afternoon and that gave us time to have fun nights out but also see the attractions in the day and do a bit of shopping.

    Insider Tip:Get to the Anne Frank house no later than 8.30 due to the massive queue.

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