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Known as the 'Venice of the North', Amsterdam is a city built on a cobweb of canals that boasts one of the most picturesque settings in the world. Sometimes known for all the wrong reasons, there is much more to the Dutch capital than hookers and hash. It boasts world-class museums, great architecture and a buzzing nightlife making it the perfect city for a few days break. Find out the best restaurants, bars and more in our free pocket guide.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what the Dutch put on top of their French fries, and where to go for Dutch cuisine and more.
  • Don't Miss The best museums, the best canal trip and more.
  • Budget Tips When you can catch free concerts in the Dutch capital.
  • A Day in Amsterdam... We give you our ideal day in the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam City Reviews

  • 70%


    Amsterdam Review

    I enjoyed the city but I wouldn't go back. I would have really enjoyed this place if i went in college or a little bit after. Now, I'm not so much into smoking, mushrooms, or prostitutes. There are definitely a good number of things to do that don't involve those 3 things but you don't need three full days. Van Gogh museum was great and I would definitely recommend that. Ann Frank House was also an amazing museum. It was very moving an absolutely worth the 1.5 hour line.

  • 100%


    Amsterdam - Amazing City!

    If you want to explore the Dutch culture and lifestyle, Amsterdam is a city that you should visit. Go explore great and interesting things to do there. It is a very great city with so much openness from the people. It is a safe city too!

    Insider Tip:Go experience the canal trip. Try new things while out there. Learn Dutch culture and history. It is so interesting. Stay near the city for easy journey around. You can just walk around the city to explore.

  • 60%


    Chill out place

    What more can I say? Need a break? Just go to A'Dam X X X

    Insider Tip:Grab a joint, Grab a bike, meet the world, sit next to the canal or on the beach and just feel the love. X

  • 90%


    Off the beaten track

    I have been to Amsterdam many times in the past and so decided on this trip to stay nearby but away from the center and so glad I was too. There are some lovely places to visit not too far away from Amsterdam center. I stayed a few nights at Noordwijk and a few nights near Abcoude both absolutely lovely. Abcoude offers a lake where you can hire a kayak and paddle you way around canals and the lake but still close to Amsterdam center.

    Insider Tip:If you fancy something a bit different from Holland head to the lucky lake hostel near Abcoude, it's not far from Amsterdam Central but offers countryside and lakes - beautiful!!!

  • 70%


    Great fun, but don't pay more than you need to!

    Great place to stay, lots more to do than you would imagine! Just make sure that you find the places that don't charge as much, especially for nights out.

    Insider Tip:Make sure you hire bikes out, it's a great way to get around the city for a day, and see things you wouldn't be able to on foot. Also, check out the bar crawl in Leidseplein!

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