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Known as the 'Venice of the North', Amsterdam is a city built on a cobweb of canals that boasts one of the most picturesque settings in the world. Sometimes known for all the wrong reasons, there is much more to the Dutch capital than hookers and hash. It boasts world-class museums, great architecture and a buzzing nightlife making it the perfect city for a few days break. Find out the best restaurants, bars and more in our free pocket guide.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what the Dutch put on top of their French fries, and where to go for Dutch cuisine and more.
  • Don't Miss The best museums, the best canal trip and more.
  • Budget Tips When you can catch free concerts in the Dutch capital.
  • A Day in Amsterdam... We give you our ideal day in the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam City Reviews

  • 80%



    This place is a great weekend getaway, I don' think I would stay here for more than that. Its bustling with energy, but with a slight sleezy feel about the place, I wouldn't recommend walking home by yourself at night. The city is expensive but worth it, hiring a bike is amazing! the Museums are top class. All in all a great brief trip.

    Insider Tip:Its quite a small city, you don't have to stay in the heart of it (pay less and stay further out). If you want to go to the Anne Frank House book months in advance or you wont get tickets.

  • 70%


    Amsterdam from my point of view

    Very Pretty city, though most of the tourist that go there are only there for the drugs, and that creats a bad atmosphere, because its not the fun they are looking for, is the stonned feeling. Still, I had a good time, went to all tourist places, and would definatelly recomend Zanse Schanse.

  • 80%



    Amsterdam's reputation precedes itself, and it is a city that is very good at selling it's culture to tourists. Unfortunately, it is an expensive city--but an incredibly fun one to vacation in. A nice place to see, a lot of tourist crowds to navigate, riding bikes around is good fun. Of course if you like getting high and drinking Amsterdam is the place to visit and vacation to.

    Insider Tip:If you don't want to spend 11+ Euros on every meal, buy food from the grocery stores and make it yourself. (Grocery stores/markets are averagely priced for Europe.)

  • 90%


    Way more than what people say

    Amsterdam has a reputation, we all now this but there is so much more to than weed and sex. The history and of the city and even the history of how the red light district came to be is absolutely fascinating. Not to mention that there is tons to eat, you can all over the world in this one city in terms of food. The transportation system is simple and easy to use, the city is always quite and very picturesque.

    Insider Tip:Take the walking tours.

  • 70%


    Amsterdam 13/12/15

    Amsterdam is a great city, and there is more to it than just the coffee shops! (though those are great, I've been a couple of times and my favourite coffee shops are Rookies, Bluebird, Crush and 420. They have great atmospheres..) Go for the art and architecture, it's a really beautiful place to just wander around. Get a stroopwaffel mcflurry and thank me later.

    Insider Tip:1. go to the 't Blauwe Theehuis in Vondelspark for brunch 2. super silver haze 3. FOAM photographers gallery is cheap and great. 4. check out Het Fort van Sjakoo, it's an international bookstore and it has everything from anarchist zines to classic literature. 5. if you're traveling on from Amsterdam to Berlin, look into Flixbus. It's so much cheaper than the train and only takes an extra hour.

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