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Known as the 'Venice of the North', Amsterdam is a city built on a cobweb of canals that boasts one of the most picturesque settings in the world. Sometimes known for all the wrong reasons, there is much more to the Dutch capital than hookers and hash. It boasts world-class museums, great architecture and a buzzing nightlife making it the perfect city for a few days break. Find out the best restaurants, bars and more in our free pocket guide.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what the Dutch put on top of their French fries, and where to go for Dutch cuisine and more.
  • Don't Miss The best museums, the best canal trip and more.
  • Budget Tips When you can catch free concerts in the Dutch capital.
  • A Day in Amsterdam... We give you our ideal day in the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam City Reviews

  • 100%


    Greatest city yet

    I am amazed with Amsterdam. There is no need for details cause everyone knows the stories about it and they are all true.

    Insider Tip:Be sure to have enough money.

  • 90%



    One of the best cities because it is very unique. There are lots of activities to do here and walking around is the best way to move through the city and see it at the same time.

    Insider Tip:Eat lots of stroopwaffles and visit the Van Gogh musuem. Also eat Indonesian food and check out the awesome magazine and book shops.

  • 90%


    Go to AMS as soon as you can, its a beautiful city with so much to offer. There is always something to see or somewhere to go. I highly recommend it to anyone, just make sure you bring enough Euro. Get some pancakes, sit on a canal, go to Vondelpark, go for a bike ride, people watch, see Van Gogh, see a concert or music festival... Amsterdam is the place to be.

  • 80%


    Amsterdam on a budget

    I went with little money to Amsterdam, I could not have asked for a better time anywhere else, Go to the supermarket for your drinks and sweets or whatever you may need, ask what offers there are, you will be surprised whats available.

    Insider Tip:Bring your weed back to where your staying, it works out much cheaper, the bus from the airport is way cheaper than the train.

  • 50%


    I love amsterdam

    Everything is legal at Amsterdam - the Vegas of Europe. Check out the red light district, smoke weed at the coffee shops and drink .. and eat of Wok the Walk. I really enjoyed my stay in Amsterdam and will go back for sure. The weather wasnt too good for me but i made the best of it.

    Insider Tip:Buy beer from the supermarket to save money. Buy the 2 day bus pass that you can use for an unlimited time. Also, get out of Red light district and see the real Amsterdam. Also, if you are tired of your typical museums, check out the Volrik Museum which is a hidden gem. They have real humans preserved in this museum with deformities. MUST SEE!

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