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For those who haven't been there before, it's hard not to envisage images of ancient sites and temples when thinking of Athens. But since a certain sporting event was held in the Greek capital in 2004, things have changed. This is a modern city. Cool, affordable restaurants abound, as do trendy bars that are buzzing at weekends. Find out what are the coolest ones and much more in our 3-page free pocket guide.

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  • Cheap Eats Discover what's the difference between a 'gyros' and a 'souvlaki'.
  • After Dark Find out what are the Greek capital's coolest bars and where.
  • Don't Miss What else should you not miss apart from the Acropolis? Find out in our guide.
  • Neighbourhood Watch A breakdown of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Athens.

Athens City Reviews

  • 70%



    I enjoyed Athens as a city very much. There is a lot of history to take in and photo opportunities to be had. There are various bars and many places to eat. I would certainly come back. The only negative thing I have to say about this great city is that in my experience, the taxi drivers are generally useless (not all).

    Insider Tip:Unlike other major cities, Athens taxi drivers don't always know where they are going unless it's a major tourist hotspot. Be prepared for that.

  • 100%


    A multi-layered city

    I had the great opportunity to live in Athens for a number of months, as a I studied abroad there. It's a city with many layers and history. Do not come to Athens expecting "Ancient Greek Fantasy Land." Rather, come to Athens to find a charming city with thousands of years of history and culture. For every museum you go to, step into a taverna or cafe and witness modern Greek culture. Try to experience all sides of this very diverse place. And as always, keep your mind open.

    Insider Tip:-If your main attractions are the ancient sites, stay in Plaka. But do try to leave Plaka occasionally, as it is mostly tourists. If you want a less tourist-y experience, stay in Pangrati. It's about a 30 minute walk from the Acropolis, but there are buses and trolleys that go out there to bring you quickly to the city centers. - Go to tavernas and order mezedes (a variety of small dishes to eat with ouzo). It's an easy way to experience a lot of Greek food. -Never be in a rush to do anything.

  • 90%


    Athens hospitality

    Greek were very welcoming and respectfull to everyone wherever your are from I was never cheated, poeple were smiley and friendly. The weather was really good, lot of places to visit due to their history. A capital full of activites, very dynamic, tasty gastronomy Transport sometimes can be a bit difficult due to the lack of rigor and space missing in buses as they allow to take too many poeple inside.

  • 100%



    So many things to see - the multi ticket for the ruin sites is great. Acropolis museum is great. Archaeology museum is ok. Benzat museum is super interesting. Ancient Olympic stadium is impressive

    Insider Tip:Changing of the guard on the hour at the government building was interesting to watch.

  • 100%



    • Discover Delphi, believed by the ancients to be the centre of the world. This fascinating pagan religious complex, set on a stunning hillside site, comprises classical temples, a theatre and a stadium. Numerous finds are displayed in the excellent Delphi Archaeological Museum.

    Insider Tip:• Explore Athens. Begin with the Acropolis rock, home to the fifth-century BC Parthenon, then stroll down to the Ancient Agora, once Athens' civic, political and commercial centre. Don't miss the world-class National Archaeological Museum, packed with ancient marble statues, jewellery and ceramics.

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