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For those who haven't been there before, it's hard not to envisage images of ancient sites and temples when thinking of Athens. But since a certain sporting event was held in the Greek capital in 2004, things have changed. This is a modern city. Cool, affordable restaurants abound, as do trendy bars that are buzzing at weekends. Find out what are the coolest ones and much more in our 3-page free pocket guide.

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  • Cheap Eats Discover what's the difference between a 'gyros' and a 'souvlaki'.
  • After Dark Find out what are the Greek capital's coolest bars and where.
  • Don't Miss What else should you not miss apart from the Acropolis? Find out in our guide.
  • Neighbourhood Watch A breakdown of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Athens.

Athens City Reviews

  • 100%



    If you want to visit islands it would be better to book the tickets just few hours before or one day before as cancellations happen sometimes for any reasons. There are some night ferries to Santorini for certain seasons not always, so check it beforehand. Normally there are three ferries to Santorini every day. From Santorini to Milos, there are one ferry early in the morning once in three days but it might change.

  • 50%


    When you take subway

    Please please please do not leave your hands from a fastener of your bag, or your passport, phone or wallet will be stolen definitely. And also please pay attention to women or men who talk to you to ask like 'Do you understand the subway map? I cannot understand it...' She or he is choosing their next prey who will be surrounded by their "colleague" and taken anything important from the bag.

  • 80%



    a little bit dangerous city, you need to look after your bag aaaall the time, all the time, like paranoic! But very beautiful at the same time. It is village and city in one place. Food is great!! "Mousaka" is the best dish ever! Prices are cheap in compare to Rome, for example.

  • 70%



    Central Athens was like a 3rd world country.. I would say you wouldn't need more than 1 night there. Transport from the airport to central city is great. There isn't much of a party atmosphere but may have been as I went in May/June. Its great for a cheap warm destination :)

    Insider Tip:Walking Tours are great!

  • 100%


    The cradle of the Western civilization!

    Come and know the origins of Greek-latin culture. While Rome conquered materially, Greece conqueredt culturally, awesome places like the Acropolis, tasty and amazing food, almost as good as real Mexican food. You can have Greek yoghrut with honey bee and nuts for breakfast, while having delicious pork souvlaki skewers with a huge Corona beer, to do at least once in life!

    Insider Tip:Do not take the taxis when you go down the bus x95 at syntagma square, I got one TAB 632 plate and they charged me 15 euros for a 4 min walking. Normally it is 5, maximum 7. Ask the taxi at the desk, they know honest guys.

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