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For those who haven't been there before, it's hard not to envisage images of ancient sites and temples when thinking of Athens. But since a certain sporting event was held in the Greek capital in 2004, things have changed. This is a modern city. Cool, affordable restaurants abound, as do trendy bars that are buzzing at weekends. Find out what are the coolest ones and much more in our 3-page free pocket guide.

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  • Cheap Eats Discover what's the difference between a 'gyros' and a 'souvlaki'.
  • After Dark Find out what are the Greek capital's coolest bars and where.
  • Don't Miss What else should you not miss apart from the Acropolis? Find out in our guide.
  • Neighbourhood Watch A breakdown of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Athens.

Athens City Reviews

  • 100%


    Amazing stay!

    Comfy bed, super clean, great environment. People were welcoming, great security, and I could even lock up my bag for 1 euro a day! A must go.

    Insider Tip:Go up to the terrace at night to see the Acropolis all lit up.

  • 100%


    Historical city

    Athens is a historical city, with many things from the ancient times of glory of the Greeks. Also, there are beautiful nature around. And it is a cheap city, the food, places to stay and for students is everything free ;D I loved it!

  • 100%


    Plenty of places to eat...

    I stayed in the center of old town area... it was beautiful and loved the food there... But, I found a place that reminded me of home but with better food. They serve a really nice American breakfast for a decent price and the staff was very polite. It was the Public Cafe on 1 Karageorgi Servias Str. and I ate there every morning since I found the place. It was amazing... and the staff even gave me an extra treat and gave me a free dessert on my last day there.

  • 60%


    Acropolis... And that's it!

    There's not much to do in Athens! You see the Acropolis and that's it! Also, they are rebuilding it, so there are lots of construction workers and stuff at the site! Really disappointing :/

    Insider Tip:Check out the bakeries! The greeks make the best breads ever!

  • 90%


    Ahhhhhhhhhmazing Athens!

    I loved Athens! Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. Very walkable city as well. The views were great - I barely slept the entire trip just so I could soak it all in.

    Insider Tip:I loved the restaurant Cartone. It's near the bars/club areas by the lit up "red poles." Amazing food, great cheap tapas, good atmosphere and the sangria was the best I've ever had. This area can get dangerous at night, so be careful!

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