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For those who haven't been there before, it's hard not to envisage images of ancient sites and temples when thinking of Athens. But since a certain sporting event was held in the Greek capital in 2004, things have changed. This is a modern city. Cool, affordable restaurants abound, as do trendy bars that are buzzing at weekends. Find out what are the coolest ones and much more in our 3-page free pocket guide.

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  • Cheap Eats Discover what's the difference between a 'gyros' and a 'souvlaki'.
  • After Dark Find out what are the Greek capital's coolest bars and where.
  • Don't Miss What else should you not miss apart from the Acropolis? Find out in our guide.
  • Neighbourhood Watch A breakdown of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Athens.

Athens City Reviews

  • 80%



    I thought I would have more places to visit, but there is not much to do. It’s easy to walk around and most of places are close to each other and, if you need, the metro system is good. What I didn’t like was that there were a lot of homeless people and it was hard to have a meal without any interruption of someone (usually children) offering you roses or balloons, etc…

  • 90%


    Athens 2016

    Nice WE in Athens. People were relax and friendly. I don't know about the summer, but January was fine.

    Insider Tip:Go and have a drink on the ills next to the Accroplis. Magic view, where the local couples meet. (just bring your beer). The 3 days tourist ticket for the transportation was not a great deal, just good for the peace of mind.

  • 80%



    Reserve just one or two days to be in here. Ive made it 4 and thought that it would be better to go to the north.

    Insider Tip:Walk around by the city. Thats lots of history that you can see just walking by. And the people in here are really kind.

  • 60%


    Two days max

    See the acropolis, and the old Olympic stadium [not the new one from 2004, it's depressingly empty]. Beyond that, little to do, especially in winter. In summer I'd watch an outdoor movie, in what's been called the world's best movie theater there. Daytrips all involve long bus rides. And the Archaeology Museum is disappointing: the Vatican and Britain seem to have looted the best of it.

  • 100%


    I had the time of my life in Greece! Anyone would fall in love with this country, especially Athens and Santorini Island! Everything was amazing; the food, the people, the attractions! I would definitely recommend visiting Greece! I would definitely come back to this spectacular country!

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