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Bangkok is a melting pot of nationalities. It's hard to think of a city anywhere else in the world where so many travellers lay their hat at the one time. The Thai capital is the base point for travellers about to embark on a trip around not just Thailand, but the whole of South East Asia. The city is also one of the most popular stop off points for those either travelling to or from Australia. Many who travel there start their journeys on the infamous Khao San Road.

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  • After Dark Discover where are the best backpacker haunts along the famous Khao San Road.
  • Retail Therapy What is the best shopping mall and where are the best markets.
  • Budget Tips Read our guide to find out how not to get conned in Bangkok.
  • A Day in Bangkok... The perfect day in the Thai capital, that includes a visit to the city's best-known temple.

Bangkok City Reviews

  • 80%


    Worth a shorttrip but that's it

    It is a stinky and dirty city with too many people and traffic. BUT it is worth to see at least once for a short trip. Khao San road is really nice and it is an experience to go by one of those tuk tuks,

    Insider Tip:Go by Tuk Tuk, Khao San Road, Chillax Hotel

  • 70%


    Good for a couple of days

    I feel like you can see the main attractions in 2, or 3 days max. It's best to elsewhere after that. The beaches in the south are amazing and the nature up north I hear is great.

    Insider Tip:When taking a taxi, make sure they turn on their meter, otherwise they will over-charge you. Also, consider the public transportation boats along the river; you can avoid the traffic and it's very cheap (15 BHT).

  • 90%


    Beautiful Bangkok

    I love bangkok. Been here about 50 times. Always something new to experience! This time I found the best vegetarian street food down obscure alleys! Definitely worth exploring if you are veg!

    Insider Tip:Use the BTS skytrain or walk. So much more to see this way. Try MBK or platinum if you want bargains and haggle politely by appealing to the Thai's good nature. Don't yell at them ever. Speak with respect and it will take you far. Many tourists abuse the inexpensive lifestyle which leaves a bad impression. Give respect and you will receive it.

  • 90%


    Bangin' Bangkok

    Bangkok is awesome. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the city, but if you're looking for a seedy bar scene you can find that as well. Don't buy cloths on Koh San Road, most of those shirts (as in the ones all the islands sell) are made directly in Bangkok and can be found for much cheaper in a different district.

    Insider Tip:Go to the Museum of Contemporary Arts. If you don't you are seriously missing out.

  • 80%


    My Bangkok Trip 2014

    You should give yourself five days to a week if you really want to see Bangkok. I like to go to a city and take it all in as though I will never return. Who wants to reflect on their travels and think I should have seen... or I should have done... The value is amazing in this city. You can do it all and go home with money in your pocketbook! I utilized all public transportation, Bus, train, Skytrain, BTS, and the river. I think this is the way to really get the feel of the 'locals'.

    Insider Tip:I used Tours By Tong for a private All Day Tour to see the historical sights. It was worth every penny! There is no way I could have covered the ground I did with this company. Go to the top of the tallest building in Bangkok - The Baiyoke Sky Tower. There is a revolving deck at the top and you will get the best city view possible with a nice cool breeze. I stayed at Saphaipae Hostel; it was clean and convenient to public transportation.

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