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Bangkok is a melting pot of nationalities. It's hard to think of a city anywhere else in the world where so many travellers lay their hat at the one time. The Thai capital is the base point for travellers about to embark on a trip around not just Thailand, but the whole of South East Asia. The city is also one of the most popular stop off points for those either travelling to or from Australia. Many who travel there start their journeys on the infamous Khao San Road.

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  • After Dark Discover where are the best backpacker haunts along the famous Khao San Road.
  • Retail Therapy What is the best shopping mall and where are the best markets.
  • Budget Tips Read our guide to find out how not to get conned in Bangkok.
  • A Day in Bangkok... The perfect day in the Thai capital, that includes a visit to the city's best-known temple.

Bangkok City Reviews

  • 80%


    Bangkok, city of pleasure and pain.

    Bangkok can be the sensual princess that will ease your stress or can be the overbearing dominatrix that will force you into submission. Too visual? Good. If you're able to throw aside the stress of traffic, hoards of people walking in sporadic directions, and the immense heat, then you can enjoy a beautiful and culturally rich environment. The temples I went to around Bangkok were a delight and riding the touristy express boat wasn't all that bad. Find the hidden gems; that's all there is.

    Insider Tip:- The Rabbit pass for the above ground metro does NOT work for the underground. - Keep these amounts on you: 3, 5, 10, 13, 15, and a good amount of 1 and 2 baht coins. - Siam Paragon and its surrounding malls aren't worth it unless you want cheap cinema movies (100baht!) - Ironically if you want a reliable coach service to other parts of Thailand, go to Siam Paragon, top floor (cinema floor) and look for a small booth in the corner (forgot the name.. sorry!) - Learn to use the Songthaews & avoid tuktuks

  • 70%


    Bangkok, Thailand

    It was not my first time to Bangkok. For me it's pretty much a city in Asia. It's a city to go to if you want to shop. But the food was great.

    Insider Tip:Hire a tuk tuk to get around if you're staying in Khao San road.

  • 80%


    Cool but a little to big

    Bangkok really is so cool! It has everything but for my taste it's a little bit big. Go here to shop!

  • 100%


    Bangkok, Thailand

    Stayed near Khaosan Road; a must-visit street for any travellers. Lots to buy. Lots of bars. Also check out the road opposite the end of Khaosan Road if you want bars which are slightly more chilled (where the music is not so loud at night). The reclining Buddha and The Grand Palace (with the Emerald Buddha) are incredible places to visit. Did not have time to take a trip along the river, which sounded great, but will do that next time. Great city but I missed the beach! ; o

    Insider Tip:Don't forget that you must cover your legs (below the knee) and shoulders to visit to The Grand Palace and temples. A long sarong, wrapped around (not tied in a knot at the side) is fine to add over your legs but you can not cover your shoulders with a sarong - you must wear a proper top with short sleeves to cover shoulders. If you do not have one, you can borrow a shirt from the Grand Palace, but not other places that I saw. Respect the local customs, be nice to people and say thank you.

  • 70%



    Bangkok = crazy, amazing, buzzing place. Koh San Road brilliant fun. Ping Pong - definitely worth a look, great laugh. State Tower - take a trip up for sho - drinks are very expensive, I suggest just ordering a beer and then view the spectacular city from the place that the Hangover lads hung out. Errr.... what else - China Town - take a look at that as it is still very much old Bangkok - loads of stuff for sale, the usual stuff.

    Insider Tip:Watch out for pick pockets - I know they are in every city, but you can never be told this enough. Bangkok is not that cheap - beers on Koh San Road - depending on the bar, were starting at 100 baht, which is £1.85 - which is definitely not cheap in Asia, especially when you compare it to a city like Hanoi in Vietnam and drinks are 15p - 20p on the street - Now thats cheap! I live in Beijing, beers = £1 here now, they were 50p 1 year ago - alcohol prices are going up too high too quickly.

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