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Bangkok is a melting pot of nationalities. It's hard to think of a city anywhere else in the world where so many travellers lay their hat at the one time. The Thai capital is the base point for travellers about to embark on a trip around not just Thailand, but the whole of South East Asia. The city is also one of the most popular stop off points for those either travelling to or from Australia. Many who travel there start their journeys on the infamous Khao San Road.

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  • After Dark Discover where are the best backpacker haunts along the famous Khao San Road.
  • Retail Therapy What is the best shopping mall and where are the best markets.
  • Budget Tips Read our guide to find out how not to get conned in Bangkok.
  • A Day in Bangkok... The perfect day in the Thai capital, that includes a visit to the city's best-known temple.

Bangkok City Reviews

  • 80%


    My Bangkok Trip 2014

    You should give yourself five days to a week if you really want to see Bangkok. I like to go to a city and take it all in as though I will never return. Who wants to reflect on their travels and think I should have seen... or I should have done... The value is amazing in this city. You can do it all and go home with money in your pocketbook! I utilized all public transportation, Bus, train, Skytrain, BTS, and the river. I think this is the way to really get the feel of the 'locals'.

    Insider Tip:I used Tours By Tong for a private All Day Tour to see the historical sights. It was worth every penny! There is no way I could have covered the ground I did with this company. Go to the top of the tallest building in Bangkok - The Baiyoke Sky Tower. There is a revolving deck at the top and you will get the best city view possible with a nice cool breeze. I stayed at Saphaipae Hostel; it was clean and convenient to public transportation.

  • 100%


    Second Time to Bangkok

    The first time was more to explore and be a tourist. This time was to obtain a Myanmar visa, but Bangkok never disappoints. The food is amazing and cheap. Thai massages are the best. The people are very helpful. If you have a map open and appear to be lost someone will pop out of now where to help.

    Insider Tip:Eat on the street with the locals. It cheap and delicious. Do not be afraid of the language barrier. Just point at what you think looks good... it probably is. But a lot of even the street stands have menus with pictures and English.

  • 80%


    City of Angels?

    BKK is a unique city experience. Perhaps, more diverse residents than the country as a whole. Nightlife is abundant. However, I generally find the visitors more friendly that locals Thai's. There are always exceptions, like the Thai's that are trying to learn english.

    Insider Tip:Stay in different parts of town for a varied city life experience. Avoid the floating market, that whole area outside of Bangkok is a huge tourist gouging trap. Even the Ampoung market, which they claim to be authentic Thai....is not. If you must see this, don't pay any more than 80 baht for the van ride and insist on going all the way to the very last bis stop. Walk back under the bridge and along the water to view the market. Don't pay to get into a boat.

  • 90%


    Temples, food and tuk-tuks

    An iteresting city... In the least. So much to see and do - temples, markets, river trips, the modern part, massages, food, street shops! It's mesmorising -a whole new world opened in front of my eyes. People are usually very helpful but wouldn't hesitate to take your money. Tuk tuk drivers are legendary - not only do they try to rip you off but then they drive like crazy through every street hole they can find. However they will know melt remind you to keep your belongings close to you -sweet!

    Insider Tip:Bargain! Bargain for everything! Even for train tickets (unless you are buying them from the station). And come down with what you think is stupidly cheap price - you'll strike a good deal.

  • 50%


    2 days in Bangkok

    Bangkok is a giant city with so much culture. The problem is that's it's too big and too hectic. After 2 days most people are ready to leave since there is so much happening in the city. Very overwhelming.

    Insider Tip:Everything a backpacker/tourist needs is on Khao San Road. Shopping, nightlife, scorpions. It's all there. The problem is that it gets old very fast. Check out the abandoned mall flooded with fish behind Khao San. Very interesting.

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