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China's economical, political and commercial centre is a big, brash, busy city. It is different to many other Asian cities in that tourism doesn't overrun its heart and soul. It is far less commercialised than its counterparts and it seems at even at the city's best-known landmarks the number of locals outweighs the tourists. It is also a city steeped in history and has been the Chinese capital since 1421.

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  • Cheap Eats Discover what night market sells cooked frog legs and other such niceties.
  • Don't Miss After visiting Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City find out what else should you not miss.
  • Neighbourhood Watch A breakdown of some of the Chinese capital's most intriguing districts.
  • A Day in Beijing... Our perfect day in Beijing with the help of a bicycle so you fit in with the locals.

Beijing City Reviews

  • 70%


    Tips of visiting The Great Wall

    Better to go to Mutianyu not Badaling, and it's important to choose a good day to go..like after rain. So the weather will be good, no fog and the air is clean and fresh.

  • 20%


    Beijing may look good from the outside but its as fake as your beats headphones . Even the walls are fake no really fo up to the walls in the hutong they are not real fake bricks have been stuck on. This is not a good place for a family trip im a little shocked to see familys on holiday here. Its very dangerous for western children from the poisoned water and food to the hutong construction and the crazy roads. And your not even safe on the pavement walking to the shops. Character limit......

  • 90%


    It is an amazing city!!!

    It has everything you need, different kinds of local cuisines, many interesting places you could easily visit by taking the subways and buses! Biking around the Hutong area is differently a good option! Night life is great! Local people are really helpful!

  • 60%


    A powerful risk factor in Beijing

    The city of Beijing is too big. So, If you have a plan to visit there, you have to make a long duration. And weakness points in Beijing are extremely hot weather, culture like a smoking in a restaurant. Most weakness thing is the taxi fraud. He played a farud to fleeced my belongings. Taxi driver even tried to negotiate the cost of taxi. And taxi driver tried to pick us up using common sedan. I really felt dangerous. Anyway, negotiation with the cost of taxi is fraud, whether using common sedan as

    Insider Tip:Use the legal taxi at night.

  • 90%


    3 days in Beijing (with halal food thrown in)

    So cheap. Ridiculously cheap for transport. Everywhere on the underground only cost around 25 pence (one way) in UK money. Visit Mutianyu section of the wall - it was not crowded at all unlike other parts like Badaling I hear. Visit the thousand yr old mosque in NiuJie and eat muslim Chinese food. Naturally you will visit the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square - be prepared to have people ask to take photos with you if you are non Oriental! Expect weak scenery photos due to pollutio

    Insider Tip:Visit the unknown thousand year old mosque at NiuJie where hit can also get amazing muslim Chinese cuisine nearby. Real treat for me. Here you will also see the non developed and poor part of Beijing with proper hutongs.

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