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China's economical, political and commercial centre is a big, brash, busy city. It is different to many other Asian cities in that tourism doesn't overrun its heart and soul. It is far less commercialised than its counterparts and it seems at even at the city's best-known landmarks the number of locals outweighs the tourists. It is also a city steeped in history and has been the Chinese capital since 1421.

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  • Cheap Eats Discover what night market sells cooked frog legs and other such niceties.
  • Don't Miss After visiting Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City find out what else should you not miss.
  • Neighbourhood Watch A breakdown of some of the Chinese capital's most intriguing districts.
  • A Day in Beijing... Our perfect day in Beijing with the help of a bicycle so you fit in with the locals.

Beijing City Reviews

  • 100%



    I thought the city was chaotic and dirty, but it was very clean. And the traffic was oké. I even biked in the city (on a big road). The city has a lot to offer.

  • 60%


    Low Manner

    Other than the richness of culture, the people here kinda low in attitude. Spitting, urinating and some even take a shit by the street, or anywhere. They have no patient and like to cut the line.

    Insider Tip:Scam is almost anywhere, so beware. Do your research and don't trust the info that a stranger approach you. You might need to bargain to buy merchandise. English is not widely used and speak.

  • 80%



    Beijing overall is quite a nice city, however people constantly spitting anywhere they want is a bit off-putting. The Metro lines are fast and convenient and probably the cheapest ones in China.

    Insider Tip:Be aware when buying what you think is a chicken burger in KFC - it could quite easily turn out to be a shrimp burger!

  • 80%


    Beijing, the heart of China

    Full of historical places, cost of living is cheap compared with Europe, normal prices compared with middle east. You need to stay there for at least 4 days to say I explored Beijing.

    Insider Tip:Subway is cheap, just 2RMB per ticket. Rent a bike, 30-50 RMB a day, explore the city link Beijing People. Food: don't miss Beijing duck, hotpot, street food. Wakeup early to enjoy your full day, noted that Subway start close ~10-11pm Visit parks/ lake like Shishahai, different atmosphere. Play traditional Chinese games like Jianzi, practice TaiChi in parks for free. Cold weather in winter time.

  • 90%


    Beijing a city worth seeing

    There are lots of must see places in Beijing from the splender of the Forbidden City to the bartering at the Silk Market where a bargain is always available. The local cooking is good and reasonably priced. There are also the normal fast food outlets which also include the Chinese FFA St western food outlets. Local pastries are a must to try and enjoy. Getting around is easy as the underground is only 2 Yuan per trip.

    Insider Tip:Tack plenty of cash as most places don't take credit cards

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