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Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland, is a city quickly emerging as a popular European city break destination. After 30 years of political strife, a sense of optimism is pervading the streets and more and more people backpacking through Ireland are pencilling in a visit to the city. Once you're done exploring the city for the day, you can round the night off with a drink in one of the many pubs on offer, or dancing the night away in one of city's numerous clubs.

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Belfast City Reviews

  • 80%


    Love It or Hate It

    Belfast is apparently a town you either love or hate. I can't say I loved it, but I would go back as there is a lot to do! Lavery's is a fabulous pub, the Ulster museum is fascinating, and the Giant's Causeway tour is lovely. There is also the Titanic Museum, a Game of Thrones tour, and black taxi tours...

    Insider Tip:Get a map and stick to the tourist sections as some areas of Belfast are not recommended for wandering into.

  • 60%


    Take a Black Cab Tour & Go to Giant's Causeway

    I would highly recommend the Black Cab Tours in Belfast. The drivers are older and they lived through The Troubles. They will take you around the city and tell you the not-so-happy times. You will receive a much better understanding of the city and look at things around the city in a new light. You should also book a bus trip up to Giant's Causeway. It was by far one of the coolest landmarks I visited during my trip, definitely unlike anything you've visited before.

    Insider Tip:Talk to your hostel about booking Black Cab Tours in groups with others in your hostel because they become much more affordable. You also can book bus tours through your hostel and get a discount!

  • 60%



    The title pretty much sums it up. Pretty much just "meh". Not much of a tourist destination, unless you are a recent history buff. Even then, though, sentiments are still very touchy, and best avoided unless you know exactly whom you are talking with. Nice enough town, they have some amazing old pubs, but it is nowhere I really feel the need to return to anytime soon.

    Insider Tip:The ferry to Liverpool, while a long trip, is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon!

  • 80%


    Great place to have fun in a true Irish fashion

    Firstly, Belfast has a lot of recent history. Walking through it and seeing it everywhere and talking to everyone is fascinating. Be careful though, some people are extremely sensitive about it all. The city is relatively new to tourism, so it's a great place to find some local music and dance with the Irish

  • 80%


    a lovely city that is moving forward

    Even though I spent most of my time at the old town, it did not take long to discover that Belfast is also a very modern city. The violent clashes between catholics and protestants seem to be something of the past (I know they still occur ocasionally but that should not discourage any prospective tourist). It is very easy to get around by public transportation and the city offers a wide range of tourist attractions.

    Insider Tip:I would suggest a stay of at least three days for those who want to learn (or experience) some of its history and visit the most important attractions.

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