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Berlin is served by two airports - Tegel and Schönefeld. From Tegel, buses #109, #128 and #X9 will bring you to the city centre. From Schönefeld the easiest way is via train.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
  • Don't Miss A list of the best local attractions and places worth visiting whilst in Berlin.
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Berlin City Reviews

  • 90%



    I. LOVE. BERLIN. Stayed for 5 days. Not the prettiest city on the outside (graffiti, construction), but there's so much history there. Beer is cheaper than water. It is kind of like a less-clean Portland. Lots of hipsters and music and art (they even had cider!) But with more diversity. And German. I am most certainly returning to Berlin.

  • 90%


    Berlin is the bomb!

    If you like your history, drinking or partying in an authentic way then this is the place for you. Berlin has no airs and graces, its a real city with a soul and heart beat, its a little bit run down and dirty, but that was exactly what we loved about it. Whilst the centre is as you'd expect quite clean, corporate and touristy, visit other areas of the city (Kruizberg) and you will get a real experience, with quirky little bars and restaurants everywhere and graffiti covered walls.

    Insider Tip:The holocaust memorial is certainly worth the visit and is just off from the Brandenburg gate and the Reichstag. The Berlin zoo was also pretty cool and killed a few hours, whilst I was waiting for friends to come from the airport. Be warned, everything you have heard about clubbing in Berlin is true! It was apparent that 3 was the magic number, as we managed to get into Tresor and Watergate in 3's, after getting turned away on the Saturday and Sunday night when trying to enter as a 6.

  • 90%


    Berlin is a huge city! You really have to plan out your trip and decide how you want to experience the city.

  • 80%


    City of contrasts

    Berlin still holds the marks of the split from 25 years ago, but this character is worm proudly as a reminder. The sights are amazing and breathtaking. A visit is beyond worth it fro the amazing museums, nightlife, and cultural understanding.

    Insider Tip:Book a free visit to the Reichstag in advance--the views are unparalleled!

  • 90%


    Berlin is one of my favorite places ever. Ever ever. It has so much punch as a city as its so unique and is so diverse in what it has to offer.

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