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Berlin is served by two airports - Tegel and Schönefeld. From Tegel, buses #109, #128 and #X9 will bring you to the city centre. From Schönefeld the easiest way is via train.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
  • Don't Miss A list of the best local attractions and places worth visiting whilst in Berlin.
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Berlin City Reviews

  • 80%


    Too Cool for School

    When I first arrived in the city, I wasn't a huge fan. The city has a much colder feel than other European cities and is full of modern architecture since the city was basically rebuilt after WWII. Because it lacked the typical European charms, I wasn't too fond of it at first. However, the longer I stayed, the more I liked it. The city is full of hidden gems. And when I say hidden, I mean walk through multiple corridors to find a hidden bar that isn't advertised anywhere on the street.

    Insider Tip:Head to Watergate for a night out. It's one of the best nightclubs in town and is near many others (all located in an old abandoned train station). It's a very cool area and will show you what Berlin nightlife is all about.

  • 90%


    berlin (Kreuzberg)

    Would really recommend going to Berlin, especially if you are age 18-30. A really calm and friendly atmosphere. Most people speak english and are friendly. There is quite a young crowd, and clubs stay open till really late. Drinks and food are cheap too. Lots of different cuisines to choose from for eating.

    Insider Tip:Be sure to get a map. The trains are a little difficult to get the hang of, and there isnt really any staff at the stations to help so plan ahead. Also, try not to pay with bronze coins at restaurants and bars...we got told off once for it.

  • 90%



    What a crazy city!!! It's a mishmash of east and west, modern and revitalized east block neighborhoods. I actually really enjoyed the east side in terms of its liveliness (music venues, clubs, food stands at all hours) and the west side for its greenery and stately buildings. The transport system is fantastic, the food is cheap, and the sights are great. There is so much to see, 5 days was not enough.

    Insider Tip:Get the city transit pass and travel all over! Also buy tickets in advance for some of the sights as the lines can be long. Doner kabob and currywurst are great cheap eats.

  • 100%


    Berlin is just great

    It's a great city with plenty to offer. Partying, shopping, culture, everything in one place. the public Transport is great.

  • 40%


    Cheap and Interesting

    Berlin hasn't been my favorite city I've visited, but with that said I liked it quite a bit and would recommend it for a brief visit. The food is cheap and quite good if you know where to look. I loved the beer gardens and bars. Getting a chance to see the Berlin Wall was fascinating and there is a lot of green space to lounge and open roads to explore.

    Insider Tip:Go to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was the most moving museum or memorial experience of my life and I have been to many.

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