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A small city with a bubbly personality, Bratislava is one of Eastern Europe's most attractive and welcoming cities. Each year it attracts huge numbers of visitors thanks to its myriad of attractions and its friendly residents. Visitors to the city run the gamut from culture vultures looking to enjoy all that the city's historical centre has to offer, to the partygoers who come to Bratislava to sample its far from insubstantial nightlife.

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  • Cheap Eats Get tips on the best places to eat in Bratislava, whether you're looking for local specialities or a tasty pizza.
  • Don't Miss Castles, art galleries and beautiful gardens are just some of the top-notch sights to be seen in this city.
  • Bratislava for Free From the Blue Church to the New Bridge, Bratislava is filled with free attractions for you to enjoy.
  • A Day in Bratislava... Find out how we spent the perfect day in Slovakia's capital

Bratislava City Reviews

  • 40%


    Bratislava in September

    Bratislava was OK. I didn't think it was that interesting. It is nice to visit if you go from Vienna to Budapest (or the other way around) but I wouldn't plan an entire stay in this city.

  • 50%


    Not the greatest

    It comparison to cities near Bratislava (Budapest/Vienna etc) its not really anything amazing... its actually rather expensive for what it is and probably because its so close to Vienna... Rather go spend time in the Tetras up north if you want to see Slovakia

  • 70%



    it's a nice city,not dangerous,very cheap,good for partying and also for trying a typical cuisine that is incredible! shops and supermarket well situated all around the city,good monuments and place to visit(not many but really interesting!)

  • 60%



    I expected a lot more of this city. In some part of city is like you are still in age of communisam, lot of ugly and destroyed buildings. But old town of Bratislava is very very nice. Food is great, and beer is cheap.

    Insider Tip:Drink Kozel beer

  • 50%


    Small town

    Very small city with a fascinating history which isn't well explained or made the most of. We saw most of it in one afternoon. Most architecture was destroyed by the communists. Not such good value now they are in the euro. Local cuisine not great

    Insider Tip:Go up to the Slavin memorial or rent a bike and cycle to Devin castle along the river.

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