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Thanks to its enchanting squares, medieval buildings and cobweb of canals, Bruges is like something out of a fairytale. Unsurprisingly, it is Belgium's most popular tourist destination. This is a city in which you can get totally lost, yet always find your way back to the centre thanks to the Belfry, the old tower in the centre of the city. As you walk around its streets, crossing canal bridges and letting the sound of trotting horses drown out your chit-chat, you will feel like you have stepped back in time.

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Bruges City Reviews

  • 70%


    Pretty neat!

    Bruges is lovely - a well maintained, pretty, old town, with plenty of history. There are amazing views from up the Bell tower, and lots of streets and courtyards to explore. A canal boat ride is worth it. There are, however, a reasonable amount of other tourists, as it is a very pretty town!

    Insider Tip:Go up the bell tower first thing in the morning - no lines! Also, do a walking tour!

  • 60%


    Very pretty but not much else to do...

    We had two full days in Bruges, which was probably one day too many. It's stunning but tiny so to wander around and take everything in doesn't take very long. We hadn't seen the movie 'In Bruges' so the town walking tour (based on the movie) didn't appeal. Definitely a beautiful place to visit, drink beers, sample chocolate etc. but there aren't a whole lot of non-beer-related ways to pass the time.

    Insider Tip:Don't eat anywhere near the big squares - as you'd expect it's crazy expensive. The smaller streets offer gems like Pasta Delizia: super cheap pasta in a box for like five euros (the price of a coffee in the main square). If you're going to splash out though visit Ribs n Beer and order the all you can eat ribs in a Belgian chocolate and beer sauce. It'll change your life (be sure to book).

  • 100%



    I visited almost all Belgium, Brugge, Antwerp, Gent and Brussel and I could not see any place like Brugge. It was unbeliavable. No billboard, no mall, no advertisement, there is just tourism. Belfort, canals, phaeton, swans, bridges, museums, beers, chocolates and many other epic stuff.

    Insider Tip:Get a museum card, they give guide and map to you for free after that just walk at the city of perfection. Do not hesitate to lost tour way for the reason that every roads, streets and paths are terrific.

  • 80%


    Cultural Buildings

    The buildings there are really of another age and generation. Most of it is left in its tradition design and it really brings out the culture of the place.

    Insider Tip:The night has relatively dark streets, however, it feel safe to stay out.

  • 70%


    Nice city

    I visited several cities around Europe and Brujas was one of the best. There are several beautiful buildings, channels, good environment, etc... I've been there at christmas, the markets and the decoration are really nice.

    Insider Tip:Drink beer and eat in the christmas markets.

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