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Think of a city and you normally associate it with something. Think of Venice and images of canals flow into your head; imagine Paris and visions of the Eiffel Tower will come streaming into your mind. But Brussels is different. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what Brussels is famous for. The problem is, there are simply too many things to relate it to. This is where you will find Art Nouveau on every second street corner. It's also home to the European Union. Then you've got beer, chocolate, cartoon murals...the list goes on. Just ensure you have enough time to take it all in.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
  • Don't Miss A list of the best local attractions and places worth visiting whilst in Brussels.
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  • A day in Brussels... Only have one day to spare? We give you our ultimate day in Brussels.

Brussels City Reviews

  • 80%


    Lovely stay!

    So worth the money! Very spacious, clean, and airy. Excellent facilities but an 8 euro breakfast for toast and ham is a huge rip-off. Great walking tour!

    Insider Tip:Don't arrive at night, the area around the hostel can be a bit seedy. It's fine in the day.

  • 100%



    A MUST TRY IS THEIR ESCAGOT. Sold by a man in his 'food truck'-like store, that guy is a legend. Just opposite the Beurs, it is a must try for its price. Also, don't miss out on their seafood grills sold almost everywhere, and DO check out the restaurant street near the Royal Gallerie

    Insider Tip:Get a map, and go for an adventure! Night-life is really active and a Pub called Delirium is a MUST go for pub crawlers or party goers. Located near other pubs as well. Have fun!

  • 80%


    Amazing city

    Grote Markt, the central market place of Brussels is teeming with tourists and lively activity. The place is breathtaking surrounded by guild halls, the city’s Townhall and Breadhouse.

  • 60%


    Delicious chocolate everywhere and of course tons of different beers and delicious waffles are the pro's The cons would be that outside of the square and neighboring area there isn't a ton that I found to do there and in some respects as a solo female traveler I didn't feel all that safe in Brussels.

    Insider Tip:Stay at the town center as close as possible to the famous square. Brussels can seem sketch at night and the further away from the center the more this becomes apparent.

  • 60%


    Brussels from my point of view

    Charming little city though it was probably one of the more dirty cities that I visited. Interesting contrast in states of repair of buildings (quite common to have a really run down place right next to an 'attraction' eg. the grand palace)

    Insider Tip:Fairly small city. No need to spend more than 3 days here when on holiday unless you have specific locations in mind. Tram/Underground rail system a little confusing at first (uses basically the same lines/stations through the city centre) though given it only takes 40 minutes to walk from 1 end of the city centre to the other, it isn't really necessary. I only used the trams to go to the atomium (30 minute trip). Public toilets are NOT free (between 50 eurocents and 1 euro to use).

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