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Budapest is a city that still bears the scars of communism but one that is constantly developing into one of the world's greatest capitals. Split in two by the grand River Danube, on one side you have the Buda, the hilly side dominated by the castle and Royal Palace. On the other you have the Pest, a flat side where you will find the city's financial district, high street shops and its most popular bars. But something you can find anywhere in the city are its public baths...don't leave without treating yourself to a dip in one.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
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Budapest City Reviews

  • 70%


    Budapest City - Wonderful

    Budapest is a very lively city with a lot of good nightlife. I recommend going to a 'Ruin Bar' such as Szimpla or Instant as they are great fun, with cheap drinks and a great atmosphere which enables you to meet people. Also you must go to a public bath - St. Géllert is the prettiest and I would recommend going there if no where else. Also Street food is a cheap and delicious way to eat in the city.

    Insider Tip:It may have just been our experience, however we went out on a Saturday night and there were more older people in the bar we frequented than we were used to during the week days - although I am sure this happens almost everywhere in the world - but the atmosphere wasn't as good as it had been before, and we were less inclined to talk to anyone.

  • 100%


    romantic city just like paris

    if you're worried about not speaking Hungarian and would have difficulties to get around the city, you're big-wrong. Budapest is my favourite city in central Europe, and nothing would change my opinion. Hungarians are very nice and friendly people, and now the signs on the streets have english trans. so don't worry. I wish I had one more chance to go back and enjoy the beautiful city.

    Insider Tip:Remember to check out on the Parliament website to reserve a place for visiting (if you wanna go there) so you don't need to queue up for a waiting list.

  • 90%



    Charming city with amazing buildings but also very gritty and unpretentious. Hugely popular with other English tourists right now. Supermarkets were very cheap and there is a great deal to do.

    Insider Tip:Free walking tours and bathhouses are must-sees.

  • 80%


    Buda and Pest

    I decided to go to Budapest on a whim and without researching much into it. I was certainly surprised to find that it's a mini-Ibiza with endless pub crawls and 18-21 year old English and Dutch kids screaming and puking in the streets until 6am. I did join one of the pub crawls, but if you're over the age of 22, you're probably not going to enjoy them too much.

    Insider Tip:Get a room with A/C so you don't have to open the windows onto the very noisy streets below. 3 days is probably enough to check out all the main sites comfortably.

  • 100%



    Loved Budapest wish I could have stayed longer. This city is extremely clean and easy to navigate and walk through. Enjoyed all the historical sites the city has to offer. Great food and drinks at all restaurants that we tried out. The prices in Budapest can't be beat.

    Insider Tip:Enjoy the great wine the city has to offer. Amazing city views from the Bar 360. Find the local restaurant/bars they are hidden in more garden type areas off the main street.

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