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Copenhagen, the largest city and capital of Denmark, is hugely popular with visitors thanks to its mix of modern attractions and old school charm. From the Little Mermaid to the free-town of Christiania, this city has its own unique character, where historical buildings rub shoulders with slick shopping streets, numerous restaurants and a huge variety or bars, all among a network of canals.

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  • Cheap Eats Learn the best places to sample Danish pastries, top-notch vegetarian cuisine and more at great prices.
  • Don't Miss The iconic Little Mermaid is just one of the great attractions Copenhagen has to offer. Check out some great places to visit during your stay.
  • Copenhagen for Free From top-class museums to beautiful gardens, Copenhagen has lots of awesome things to do for free.
  • A Day in Copenhagen... Find out how to spend the ultimate day in Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen

Copenhagen City Reviews

  • 80%


    Great city for exploring

    I loved Copenhagen. It's a small city that's easily walkable, and it's the kinda place that you can get lost and find a cool neighborhood, picturesque street, or cozy cafe. All the Danes speak English, so it's incredibly easy to get around.

  • 80%


    Beautiful Copenhagen

    Great city! A lot to see and do, and very easy to cover by foot (it is not that big). Pretty expensive, but there are affordable places to eat and go out if you avoid the touristy centers.

    Insider Tip:Do the free walking tour!! If you are feeling daring, rent a bike. But beware, Danes on bikes are a force to be reckoned with.

  • 70%


    Bikable City

    Copenhagen is an amazing city both day and night. There are numerous things to do both big and small. You can see sights, get lost in a anarchaic place called Christiana or wander about one of their many city parks. The Danes are open and accepting of everyone.

    Insider Tip:Rent a bike. Copenhagen is a safe and extremely bikable city.

  • 70%


    Plan Well

    There are a lot of things to do in Copenhagen and you won't get bored, but keep in mind the distance between attractions and their closing times. Many of them close early on weekends.

    Insider Tip:Don't bother getting the Copenhagen Card if you're visiting on a weekend. With most of the places having short weekend hours, you will stress yourself out trying to get your money's worth.

  • 90%


    Copenhagen, the city of opportunities

    Copenhagen is really a place to love. With cheery and relaxing atmosphere, it just can't let you down. A city with one of the greatest amusement parks of all time in the very middle of it, an area with only hippies populating it and great opportunities for everything from kayaking to roller skating - who could not reach their high spirits in a place like that?

    Insider Tip:Visit the free town Christiania as it is something you won't find elsewhere - but remember not to take any pictures, as it seems to be the only thing forbidden in the Green Light District.

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