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Birthplace to many of the world's most popular musicians, writers and singers, Dublin is the perfect city for a break at any time of the year and has something for everybody. If you are looking for culture there are a host of museums to visit, if the great outdoors are your thing then you can take pleasure in a stroll in one of the world's largest city centre parks, and if you enjoy letting your hair down you will love its legendary nightlife.

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  • Neighbourhood Watch A breakdown of some of the city's best neighbourhoods, such as seaside villages Howth and Dun Laoighaire.

Dublin City Reviews

  • 90%


    Review of Dublin

    The atmosphere was Dublin was wonderful! It was fast paced like a city but it also had a village feel to it. I liked that you didn't need to take public transportation. You could literally walk everywhere you wanted to. People were also super nice! It was great!

    Insider Tip:Whelan's- you must go here! Live music and great beer!

  • 90%


    Three Visits to Dublin

    I really enjoyed visiting Dublin on all three of the occasions that I went. The city is picturesque, with lovely old buildings and plenty of charm. Trinity College is gorgeous, the island of Howth off the coast was so pretty, and everyone I met was very nice. Of course, the pub scene in Dublin is very popular and crowded, which is always a good time. I also appreciate the wide range of activities in Dublin: shopping, museums, exploring, partying, and so much more.

    Insider Tip:Always be prepared for rain, especially if you visit Dublin in spring. And, make sure to take the 20 minute train out to Howth, a really lovely island right near Dublin that has a beautiful waterfront.

  • 60%



    Dublin is a good city, I was a bit put off by the massive amount of tourist aimed "Irish experience". But when you got down to the actual people, I couldn't have been happier:)

    Insider Tip:After...9pm (I think). Stores lock up their alcohol.

  • 80%



    Dublin's a terrific city to visit! The locals are friendly and the party atmosphere is fantastic! The temple bar area in the evenings in particular was just a blast. To anyone who is a fan of pub crawls, Dublin is definitely amongst the better cities to do them in.

  • 90%


    Exciting, Fun City

    On our trip that hit a few different cities in the UK and Ireland, Dublin was by far our favorite. The downtown is very walkable, and just walking around you end up finding random cool things happening like a concert happening in an alley. It was a blast. Also, for not being a huge city there are a lot of people in downtown giving Dublin a very active vibe. It also has a lot of little outlying communities that are smaller, less busy, and very quaint. Definitely go see Dublin.

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