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Durban enjoys the setting most cities around the world dream of. Just minutes from its bustling city centre are miles and miles of golden beaches. Unsurprisingly, these have attracted visitors from other parts of the country for years. Aside its celebrated coastline, South Africa's third largest city, which is the capital KwaZulu-Natal region, also boasts a world-class marine theme park, a casino that offers more than just gambling, and one of the world's most innovative football stadiums. With game reserves nearby, and a host of bars and restaurants that will keep you entertained at night, most of which can be found along Florida Road, Durban suits those in search of a bit of relaxation along with those in search of a little bit more.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
  • Don't Miss A list of the best local attractions and places worth visiting whilst in Durban.
  • Budget Tips Insider tips on how to save money or what to do when you don't have any!
  • A day in Durban... Only have one day to spare? We give you our ultimate day in Durban.

Durban City Reviews

  • 50%


    Beaches only

    I would not stay in Durban if I chose it again. There is nothing to see except the beaches. The streets in city centre are unsafe and I was robbed by some black people. No one offers help when we shouted "help". The taxi driver even charged us high when we requested to go to Police station. A cleansing staff in the toilet of the airport sought tips from me and even tried to stop me from leaving. This really gave me a very negative impression on this city.

  • 70%


    Big city, different sides.

    Durban is huge and run down, there are nice areas but you'll be better of heading to one of the northern or souther beaches.

    Insider Tip:Lock your car while driving in the CBD.

  • 60%


    Rainy Season

    It was very nice to walk out if the weather is nice! March/April are the rainy season and the weather changes a lot. Lots water activities around the beach area.

  • 10%


    Durban Review

    Not the crime ridden place everyone makes it out to be if you ask me and stick to some basic good safety rules.

  • 80%


    Durban south Africa

    as long as ypu know were not to go then you are fine and feel safe here taxis are good and cheap the beach if clean with everything you need to spend a day or so there . we hired a car and went along the coast which was fun and gave back some freedom . went to wine bar called snaps which have good live music and food. some good malls close by with air con and enough shops to shop all day.

    Insider Tip:As long as you are careful Durban and the coast is an amazing and bauitiful place but i would hire a car and not go on the Baz bus

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