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Edinburgh is a city which you will warm to straight away. Walking down Princes Street, the city's main thoroughfare, Edinburgh Castle hangs proudly over the Scottish capital reminding the locals and tourists alike of the city's medieval past. There are endless streets to explore, both in the Old and New Towns, numerous shops to keep the shopaholics occupied, while at night the city comes alive with an eclectic mix of young and old filling the city's many restaurants, bars and clubs.

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  • Cheap Eats Find out what restaurants are best value for money and what are the local specialties.
  • Don't Miss A list of the best local attractions and places worth visiting whilst in Edinburgh.
  • Budget Tips Insider tips on how to save money or what to do when you don't have any!
  • A day in Edinburgh... Only have one day to spare? We give you our ultimate day in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh City Reviews

  • 80%


    Edinburgh = Medieval Times

    Amazingly beautiful, you're not going to see anything like Edinburgh. The walking through the city center feels like you're in a journey in the medieval times. The city has a very rich and interesting history and It's amazing even in the winter.

    Insider Tip:Visit the City's cemeteries, especially the greyfriars one. At night of course!

  • 100%


    Edinburgh capital of Scotland

    this is the most beautiful city I ve ever visited I came to study and I love it every corner has history the architecture is amazing I love the people and the organization

    Insider Tip:walk in the centre, fingenans bar, visit cartoon hill, take 10000 of pics of the city, if you need to go far distance go in tram is cheaper the day ticket than the bus

  • 100%


    I love Edinburgh

    Scotland is truly a magical place. Edinburgh is an easily walkable city with many neat things to see.

    Insider Tip:Take time to leave Edinburgh and take even a one day Highland tour, so much to see! Take your time to walk down many of the closes as you miss a lot of cool history and shops if you don't.

  • 80%


    Edinburgh should be a stop for anyone traveling in the UK

    Edinburgh is fantastic. I fell in love with the city and its history. If you're traveling in the UK and don't make it to Edinburgh, shame on you! I personally love it even more than London, shocking? I know. It is definitely worth the trip and the money.

    Insider Tip:You can walk everywhere. But, bring good shoes and leave the rolling suitcase at home. It is a hilly city, so be prepared for 45 degree uphill climbs and lots of stairs.

  • 90%


    Great city if a little damp!

    There's a hell of a lot to see in Edinburgh! It's got a massive amount of history to it which means you're never too far from somewhere of historical significance. There are a lot of tourists so it might be hard to find a local Edinburgh experience which isn't just another tourist trap. The weather is never great here either but at least there's plenty of pubs!

    Insider Tip:An umbrella! always bring an umbrella!

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